Reliable Power?

I wonder if other Florida RV’ers have had the same problem I am noticing?  Perhaps it’s limited to our park or geographical area.

Progressive 50 Amp EMS

Our Electrical Management System by Progressive plugs into the power post and protects the rest of the coach.

Electrical power fluctuates a LOT here! By that I mean it goes out, the voltage varies, it trips my protective devices.  This has been happening a couple times per day, almost every day — which I monitor because every time it does the clock on the Microwave needs resetting and my uninterruptible power supply alarm goes off!

In four years we have never been in any campground where we have had as many  resets as we here.  We have had complete power failures — in fact that happened twice in 2015 at Corps campgrounds.  But we have never had as many trip-outs as this.  And not as regularly.


our uninterruptible power supply protects the computers

We always take precautions wherever we camp.  We have a Progressive power manager that plugs into the 50 amp outlet for the coach and that works on keeping the whole house protected against a variety of electrical problems.  That’s an expensive little box to keep our power clean, but it saved our bacon when we were on the forest in Oregon.  The power supply to the work center where we lived was way out of balance — about 25% between the two legs.  I finally convinced the Forest Service to address the fact and the local power utility spent a few days fixing it.

I also keep an uninterruptible power supply on board for the computers and hard drives.  Hard drives don’t like losing power while they are running and that does a lot of damage to the information you’re storing on them — so that the UPS is cheap insurance.RV Electrical Problems

The real question is whether this is strictly an isolated problem, or a larger area geographical problem.  We haven’t completely fallen in love with Florida.  If you’ve been paying attention to my posts for the last month and a half that should be pretty obvious.  There are enough problems to deal with whilst RV’ing when you’re just dealing with systems within your RV.  When the water, power, and waste hookups outside aren’t working right that just exacerbates your aggravations.

Never in our life has power been a big issue prior to RV’ing. We have been spoiled — I admit it. Living in Wisconsin most of our life — and all of the time that computers have been a big part of life — we were customers of Wisconsin Energy (formerly Wisconsin Electric Power Co.) a utility that had a stellar history of keeping customers online and plugged in.  I used to hear stories of power outages in other states with amusement because we just didn’t have them. In recent years that has been changing — WE no longer does as good a job as it once did, but with a father who worked for the electrical utility that’s something I think about a lot.  We have had a couple problems with power supply along the way, but nothing like what we are experiencing here.

I wonder how many other Florida RV’ers have noticed similar problems?

Thanks for stopping by, and let’s talk again tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Reliable Power?

  1. We were at the Cedar Key Sunset Isle park for a month last year. Not one power problem. I suspect this is just localized. I’ve experienced your same problems about 3 times in 3 years all over the US.


    1. With the protection we have, I don’t worry too much about it, but it’s interesting that different states and utilities have very different histories. Turns out while we were gone for 3 days there was a 3 hour power outage here at the park — this was a utility caused problem and the repair is hoped to reduce the problems. This I heard just this afternoon when we returned to the park.

      > >


  2. Not many power outages but certainly power surges from electrical storms. We lots a bunch of electronics several years ago – multiple TVs and computers and a printer. Our fridge makes sounds it never used to but has held up for at least two more years. One day it’s going to go and when it does we’ll upgrade to larger.

    Replacements add up quickly so we spent the $$$ to upgrade our electrical system so that we could get surge protection from the utility company, which basically replaces anything if we do have a bad surge. And of course, we use surge protection devices on all computers and printers.


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