Eagle – ✓; Sandhills – ✓

Bald eagle

File photo

After commenting on the Florida population of Bald Eagles we saw one — finally — on Wednesday!  And we saw a field of Sandhill Cranes as well — fully 50 of them!  I don’t know if we are looking more carefully now that we know there are eagles in the area; or if they sought us out and perched there just so we could see them!  (Probably the former because my ESP isn’t that strong.)


Wednesday’s route to Classic Coach Works

Having spent Tuesday at home waiting on the vinyl repair guy we were in a mood for a drive on Wednesday.  Having ‘threatened’ to visit Classic Coach Works in Ormond Beach previously, I decided today was a good day to make good on that promise.  If we were to make a decision to have something done by their shop we need to get a move on it so that we could get scheduled into their shop before our departure.

It’s a good 1 1/2 hours each way.  It would have made sense to drive the coach over in order to get a firm quotation — but fact of the matter is that we didn’t know enough about them before today to justify the expense of driving the coach over and back if it’s not something we really want to do.  Right now we are still looking for ideas — so we agreed to drive over in the car, have a chat, and if we are or get serious we’ll bop over there in the coach to get measurements taken and details ironed out.

In the past I have spoken about the badly soiled spots in our lounge carpet.  We saw them before purchasing Serendipity — it’s not like we didn’t know about them — but the longer we haver her the more I want Peggy not to have to see them.  (Frankly, the guy in me doesn’t notice them as much as the woman in her!)  Now that we found out that the cockpit upholstery cannot be repaired with a lasting fix we also have the subject of cockpit seating recovering on the mind.  And the final item on our hit list is the badly dinged kitchen sink which seems much more dinged up than when we bought it — but it may just be that we are more aware of it the longer we use it.

All in all that’s a fair bit of renovation, but I don’t see myself doing the work, and we aren’t often close enough to reputable shops that do quality renovation work so wanted to at least check out this place.

We weren’t the only folks window-shopping today.  Another couple arrived just after we did to get pricing on renovations of their newly purchased used Fleetwood.  They had already had work done by Classic Coach Works, and were returning to have more work done — that’s always a good thing to know — that customers walk away satisfied — satisfied enough that they’ll return to the same company for additional work.

Frank, the sales guy we spoke with, took the four of us on a tour through the shop.  Their recently moved into new facility is 4 times the size of their old shop and with 80,000 sq ft there’s room to work on numerous coaches and have inside storage space for others.  There were 5 coaches being worked in while we were there with to luxe jobs sitting off on the said awaiting delivery  indoors and another two coaches outdoors on the lot.  80,000 sq ft is a pretty good sized shop!

A couple examples of alternate flooring.

A couple examples of alternate flooring.

A couple examples of alternate flooring.

A couple examples of alternate flooring.

The to jobs many times the size of our potential remodel but there were no upturned noses at the size of our job.  Frank was cordial, informative, and not the least bit pushy.  We have a lot to consider — and I’ll keep you posted if we decide to have some or all the work done.

Should we make that choice we’ll be faced with 2 weeks without access to our coach.  That might give us a chance to tour a little more of Florida than we might have considered doing otherwise.  But we need to sort things through and see if we really want to do this.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Eagle – ✓; Sandhills – ✓

  1. Our apartment staff recently replaced flooring in one of our bathrooms with something similar to your first picture. It makes that bathroom darker and it always looks dirty to me. I had to put down a white rug to be able to cope with it. As always, YMMV, but I thought you’d like to know my experience with it.


    1. LOL …. Linda…. You’re right about YMMV…. In our 2002 Winnebago we took out the carpet and replaced it with flooring that looked like pine boards. It was lighter than the green carpet we had before and we loved it. I don’t know what we’ll do about this one — with the financial markets as they are we may end up choosing to wait a while before doing anything. China and the EU and our election cycle offer a lot of potential for downside. But even if we did make a decision to go ahead there are a lot of colors and textures to choose from. Also we’d like something that complimented or contrasted with the existing cabinetry/furniture. AND…. Peg is really critical about LIGHT — so I’m sure she’d want something that gave the impression of being more light rather than less light. Those were simply given as examples, not necessarily as choices. 🙂 >


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