One Down, Two to Go

Steady progress, slowly…  that’s the name of the game.

You may remember that a couple weeks ago we got stood up on our appointment to repair some damage to the vinyl on our dashboard, door, and driver’s seat.  After waiting around all day no one showed up and I got really annoyed so I sent an email to the company that franchises the individual operators.

Subsequent to that I was told that the President of the company would be in our are the weekend of February 14 and could he stop by. I agreed to that and thought nothing much more about it until last night.

Well, last night I had a phone call from the local franchisee asking if they could come out and do the job today. I agreed.  It’s not a huge amount of work; but we hoped to have a decent repair and be done with it.  We made an appointment for 10 a.m..

Wouldn’t you know it.  10 a.m. came and went.  11 a.m. came and went.  12 noon came and went.  Brian arrived some time after noon.  He looked at the three parts of the job (I didn’t take pictures of damage on the door so that is not illustrated) and decided that he could do nothing about the vinyl on the driver’s seat, and that the door panel wasn’t any kind of plastic he could work with (using the heat gun that they utilize to cure the vinyl only turned the panel brown like toast).  So, we waited two weeks to get 1/3 of the job done.

He’s a nice guy, and did a passable job.  Not one I’m super proud of.  I’ll be curious to see whether we still find ourselves visited by another representative of the company — and most importantly what he might have to say about the quality of the job — and why 2/3 of the job appeared to be beyond their expertise.

That’s as far as I’m going with this topic today.  I’m curious to see if we are visited over the weekend as originally promised.

I’m hoping the repair (by a different facility) to our door and slide toppers goes better than this.

Thanks for stopping.  I know I didn’t have a lot to say today.  It’s one of those days.  But I’ll be here tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “One Down, Two to Go

  1. When I bought my used truck the leather seats were punctured in one place and stretch/wrinkled to show the base beige leather in other places. I went to a dealer to see if this was covered by the existing warranty and it wasn’t. But, they put me in touch with a small company that visited all the local dealerships and car lots to repair dashboards, door vinyl and leather seats.

    He did a great job and cautioned me that the stretch marks on the seat would reappear with time and they did after 2 years of use. Back then, 2007, he charged me $60 for about 1/2 hour of work but the results were amazing and I had too look hard to find the repaired places. The guy was an artist at mixing colors and applying textures that matched the original! I wonder if that type of service is available at other dealerships and used car lots around the country? I’m guessing they don’t have anyone on staff to do that kind of work. Might be something to look into.

    Didn’t realize small televisions were being phased out. We don’t use the one in our RV’s bedroom very much and it is a crummy flat screen but it fits in the 15 inch square opening made for it when the trailer was manufactured back in 2000. If we had to replace it with someting bigger we either could not open the cupboards flanking the opening or we’d have to drop it down to the “vanity” below and loose the vanity space and the egress window behind it. Probably would have to rig up some sort of articulating arm in that small opening to swing the television right or left to access those cupboards in order to use the vanity and not block the window.

    As always, enjoy your musings and postings.


    1. Cletus:

      The place I used was supposed to be just such an outfit. The individual who came out, however, was clearly new on the job and I can’t say much for the quality of his work. And let’s not go further. I don’t like to focus on negatives.

      I don’t know what I’ll do about the spots on the seating. I may inquire with other services. There is one in Milwaukee but in November they were booked solid for several weeks beyond our departure so we didn’t use them at that time. Might inquire before we head north and see about getting them to meet us in Milwaukee when we pass through on our way to Highland Ridge.

      Like you, I had no idea that smaller TV’s were on the way out. Until I went looking for one! I had been conscious if the extremely small ones going out — I used to carry a 8” portable in my semi when I was driving truck — they went the way of the dodo bird long time ago — but little did I realize that 19” would be considered too small for public use, or that 22” would be hard to find …. times they are a changing.

      The opening in the bedroom slide where the manufacturer built a cabinet is actually =


    1. I’m not a guy who is easily angered.

      One thing I hate is when people don’t know their own job. However, having said that, I have to admit there is a difference NOWADAYS between a technician and a craftsman. And I’d best remember to look for craftsmen when possible, and not just technicians…. sigh.



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