Devils Millhopper State Geological Site

Devils Millhopper State Geological SiteA few days ago a friend and fellow full time RV’er Bob Flanigan suggested a place for us to check out.  He and Janice volunteered in Ocala last winter and they had a good time at Devils Millhopper Geological State Park.

This is the state’s only ‘geological’ site.  With 64 acres and only a 1/2 mile trail as well as a set of stairs descending to a sinkhole some 120 feet deep it’s an easy visit, and a short time passer.

The sinkhole — which really is the big deal about this site — is about 500 feet A grain ‘hopper’ in a grist millwide and small streams trickle down to a pond at the bottom of the limestone formation. From there the water that seeps down disappears into the earth.  This site has been known and visited since about 1880.  The name is derived from its funnel-like shape which resembles a ‘hopper’ like those used to funnel grain onto a millstone in a water powered gristmill.

As a small park I was surprised at how many visitors it had mid-morning on a Friday!  There isn’t much here to do other than walk the trail and climb the stairs.  It’s clearly a site used by athletic minded folks — with a descent of 232 steps we saw several folks doing multiple circuits of the 120 foot descent.  As for us — we were fully satisfied just doing it once!

Just one of many ferns.


Thanks for stopping by, and we can talk again tomorrow at this time.


11 thoughts on “Devils Millhopper State Geological Site

      1. I read your post to Peggy and she thinks we saw this but if so it made no impression on me. Now I’m wondering???? Could I have seen it and had no reaction? Me, of the infinite reactions to anything? Hmmmmm… I know we have been in Homestead…

        > >


      2. A few months ago we drove the equivalent of 500 miles round trip to load up on spectacular beef jerky, 346 is nothing 🙂 (kidding of course – not the jerky but the suggestion you up and drive to Coral Castle)


      3. Hey — we have driven 250 miles for breakfast in Osseo WI from Milwaukee. We drove from MKE to NYC for a 30 hour chance to see The Gates by Christo.

        The only drawback is that my butt isn’t has happy about sitting in the car that long anymore. We will still drive 500 miles in a day when the need arises but I’m not in as big a hurry to do it nowadays.

        Just the other day we were saying between ourselves that if we could get all three of the little repair things taken care of in February we might consider leaving here after 2 months and see about spending single weeks at places further S. in FL — but can’t tell yet if that might happen until we find out whether 19 more days in February will be enough time to get parts (for 2 repairs) and get three repairs completed.

        > >

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