Nothing but neighbors

It’s funny how there seem to be cycles in life. Things go happily along with everyone singing the same tune and then something happens and suddenly everyone’s singing a new tune.
Our repair at Tri-Am seems to have changed the tune — at least for a little while.  All the while there we had a chatty gal from Maine/Oregon/Florida talking our ears off.  We came home and our neighbor to the North started talking like crazy.  She got done and the one on the other side cranked up with a whole history to share.  Then this morning someone from up the hill came over with questions about my external antenna and I thought I’d be there forever!

Please — someone put a coin in the nickelodeon and change the tune again!  My ears hurt!

“One of the gladdest moments of human life, methinks,
is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands.
Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of habit,
the leaden weight of routine,
the cloak of many cares and the slavery of home,
man feels once more happy.”
– Richard Burton



UnitedHealthI finally got around to changing our prescription mailing service.  I mentioned in December that suddenly we were informed that United Health would no longer allow us to use the prescription mail service we had been using.  The change wasn’t well publicized before the fact and we found out about it just before leaving Milwaukee — causing no little bit of stress.

It took almost an hour to get the both of us set up with Optum RX this morning.  That includes several disconnects from overseas call centers, and partial conversations with people I could not understand and wasn’t about to trust my meds (or my health) to!  But — it’s done — and I feel better about having our lifeline in place.

Electric Bill

Many RV parks charge separately for electric usage when you are renting by the month.  Occasionally you can learn the KWH rate before arriving, sometimes not — but by the time the monthly bill arrives the rate should be posted within the bill.  Given our cooler temperatures here, and how much we ran our electric heaters I was sure we would exceed our usage from last year.  I was flabbergasted today when I looked at the bill;  it was only 2/3 of the January bill in S. Texas at the same KWH rate.  Could have fooled me! We used the heaters quite a lot in January; the A/C not at all.  I would have sworn the bill should have been higher!  It’s amazing how much electric charges vary around the country.  We’ve been in places with rates at $0.08 /KWH — and others with rates in the low $0.20’s.

The Pool

I still haven’t seen anyone in the pool yet.  The water temp has come up from 70º to 82º (the thermostat is set at 85º).  We’re heading back down in temps for the next week.  I should have tried to get into the pool yesterday when it was still hot!

Well, there you have another day at Ocala North RV Park.  All the sites to our west in the short term row have emptied out.  I’m sure they’ll be filling in again today or tomorrow.  The rest of the park is quiet and not many folks are moving in or out.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll chat with you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Nothing but neighbors

    1. I am no longer embarrassed to ask for a supervisor, or to hang up and dial back hoping for a different operator. Some things are too important to trust to bad English! > >


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