Sleepy Sunday

e5c9e117e8a4050b05a4c1d031710423Sundays at an RV park;  there’s probably more activity on any given Sunday than any other day of the week. It’s good for people watchers!

Admittedly we don’t normally spend a lot to time at RV parks and they surely are all different.  However, one thing is sure.  More people move on Sunday than any other day of the week.  We RV’ers seem to arrive through the week but a lot of us seem to leave on the same day.

This particular week almost all our neighbors left us.  They were packing up and storing away their bits and bobs, and making those getting ready to leave noises.  Right behind them were a few new arrivals.  We are almost as full at the end of the day as we were at sunrise.

All of us Full Timers seem to have our own routines.  Normally Peg & I try to time our moves for Monday or Tuesday.  State and Federal parks don’t generally care about the first of the month, or the last of the month, or Sundays, to we tend to do our travel on the days when campgrounds tend to be the emptiest.  Here in Florida the rules seem a bit different.  It seems more parks are concerned with the first of the month. And when we arrived here there were folks booked in for the new year holiday weekend, so we ended up on a 3rd of the month cycle.

Most of the time if we stay over till Monday, then do our drive to the next campground, we find we have the maximum number of walk-in sites and also the least congestion for getting settled into a new location.

This is our fourth Sunday at Ocala North.  The first one we arrived after noon so we didn’t see how many people left but when we arrived shortly after check-in time there were 5 more RV’ers still to show up. This I know because the office is closed on Sunday and they tape instructions to the door for all the new arrivals.

It’s fascinating how we all do things differently.  Some of us are very organized; others seem to have to talk about everything each time they set-up or take-down.  Some have what appears to be a very efficient way of doing things, accomplishing several tasks each time they circle their unit.  Then again there are the folks who seem to forget what needs to be done next and begin to pull out of their site without disconnecting or even retracting a slide!  A few times we have rushed out the door to catch someone before they tore out a water line, or knocked over a power pole.  Still and all — most of the time arrivals and departures are uneventful.

consistency foolish consistencyDo you have a setup or teardown checklist?

Our GPS came with 15 different checklists; we never use any of them.  We have a list of our own — which we only use for tearing down.  It started on a legal pad — it’s now torn off the pad and we risk losing it if I don’t type it up, print it out and maybe laminate it. But… lamination is forever and I’m not sure our list is quite ready to be institutionalized.

Some things we don’t set-up every time we move.  WiFI antennas, and Cell Signal boosters depend on how long we’ll be there and whether there’s a good signal without all the fuss and bother. For a one or sometimes 2 night stay we have chosen to extend only 2 or 3 slides. We reserve the right to be spontaneous.

We have limited moves remaining this winter.  We’ll have to leave here for the door repair and return.  And we may need to leave a second time for the topper installation and return.  We had hoped to find a place closer to the dealership but the site we had spied no longer has sites available for what would be 2 months.  Which is OK — we have adjusted our attitude about this place after our visit to Tarpon Springs: we’re just fine being here.  And we can’t move at the end of NEXT month because that’s when our daughter and SIL will be here.  Too much going on to be moving too.  So, we’re just ‘here.’ 😀

Our trip back North looks like it will be a leisurely three week time frame.  Peggy has one stop she’d like to make on the way north and I’m thinking we might stay there for one full week.  But no plans there until we know our toppers are ordered, on hand, and installed.  Also we are still tinkering with the idea of stopping in Elkhart IN on our way.  So, those plans are still up in the air.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be here again tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunday

  1. We had a gentleman pull out of the park in GR last year with his antenna up on his Class C. I couldn’t move quick enough to tell him. He was back that night, antenna still up. Go figure, especially since we were in a semi-urban area! If not checklists, routines are a good thing.

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    1. I have seen that happen with Class C’s and B’s — Most of the B’s seem to have antennas that are more like the Jack antennas and don’t crank — but some do. Sometimes people just luck out, eh? Little things like that are one reason we decided against something small enough that we would not need a tow. The idea of setting up and taking down every time you wanted to go into town didn’t appeal to me and we don’t just pull in and park and not ever go anywhere when we are in a campground.

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  2. We don’t have a setup checklist, but we sure do have a checklist before pulling out. We also have a toad checklist.
    It is sometimes entertaining to watch folks setup up. For some, they seem to be done before you know it. For some, particularly the ones towing 5ers, it seems to take hours. These ones seem to leave in 2 days also which would seem like a lot of work for very little reward.

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    1. It’s really instructive watching other couples — I think.
      You learn about their relationship for one thing.
      As you mention — some have it all down pat and are quite efficient.
      Watching 5er owners setting up was one reason we ended up with a coach. If I had to do all that every time I changed locations I wouldn’t be RV’ing — there has to be a commensurate return on my investment of time!!!!!


  3. On your checklist, scan a copy if you have a scanner, so if something happens, you can replace it. Or even take a picture of it with camera or cell phone. I take pictures of all kinds of things I want to remember and it sure has come in handy. Particularly using the cell phone as I usually have that with me where ever I go. You can use clear sheet protectors for a temporary solution to laminates. Taping the open end makes them waterproof.


    1. LOL — yeah — that sounds like a good idea unless you’re paper loving Peggy!

      I do things like that for myself. Not for Peggy. I take pictures of all sorts of things. I scan and optically recognize text to save typing. But Peg likes paper. 🙂

      So I still write lists.



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