Jeep Cherokee Owners

For what it’s worth — if you TOW a Jeep Cherokee you may want to check this out:

Fiat Chrysler today (January 20, 2016) released the following information exclusively to  Family Motor Coaching  magazine:

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC (FCA) has announced plans for resolving a problem that sometimes occurs when 2014-16 Jeep Cherokees are towed four wheels down behind a motorhome.  
FCA released a statement in response to inquiries by  Family Motor Coaching  magazine and concerns of a number of Jeep owners who reported problems when flat towing their Cherokees. The owners reported that the vehicle sometimes wobbles significantly, raising safety concerns. The wobble reportedly has occurred at slow speeds and at highway speeds, and has happened with a variety of motorhomes and towing systems. The only way to stop the wobble, owners have said, is to bring the vehicle to a complete stop.  
The FCA statement said: “Under certain operating conditions, such as traveling excessively bumpy or poorly maintained roads, the flat-towed vehicle may not consistently track in line with the tow vehicle.” The cause, according to the statement: “The vehicle’s Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system is inactive while the vehicle is being flat-towed with the ignition in the ‘off’ position. Accordingly, the vehicle does not benefit from the system’s function.”  
A Jeep official said the company knows of several dozen Cherokee owners who have experienced the problem. For those owners, FCA will “provide a complimentary jumper wire harness and switch to ensure the vehicle’s EPS system has power to function while it is being flat-towed. These components have been engineered and validated by FCA US LLC and will be made available to all customers through MOPAR, as early as January 29. In addition, all Cherokee owners will be contacted directly by FCA US and provided with updated instructions for flat-towing. These instructions supersede all previous instructions. Also, the vehicle’s online owners manual will be updated.”  
Family Motor Coaching  brought the problem to the attention of Fiat Chrysler in September 2015 after an FMCA member contacted the magazine and provided a link to a video showing a Cherokee wobbling as it was being towed behind a motorhome. FCA assigned engineers and technicians to investigate and resolve the problem.  
For more information, Cherokee owners can call the Jeep Customer Assistance Center at (877) 426-5337.  

John Johnston
Associate Editor, Family Motor Coaching
Family Motor Coach Association
8291 Clough Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45244
(513) 388-5209  | Flat-towing a 2014-2015-2016 Jeep Cherokee:  Fiat Chrysler Automobile and the FMCA just released the following statement regarding this issue.


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