I thought we were in Florida

Jan 18Brrrr….

We’re back down in the refrigerator again.  Not nearly as bad as Wisconsin where it’s -5º but you can’t call this warm!  I have been tracking the temps in Palmdale — and it’s actually been a little warmer there than here recently. Which is Ok.  We WANTED to try out Florida and we are.  And even with the recent snow storm out west it’s generally been warmer in Yuma as well.

Today, Monday, I need to call the RV repair guy again and find out where we stand on the slide toppers.  I understood he was to come over Friday to take measurements — but with the bad storm on Friday morning I’m sure he did not. Getting an idea how far down the calendar we are for the install will help us figure out what we’re doing in between.

Kathryn & Mike have booked their flights for a visit;  she sent me a copy of their itinerary;  we’ll celebrate Leap Year by hosting visitors.  It will be a short visit — 5 days with travel — so we won’t have time for much but if the weather cooperates I’m sure we’ll have fun together.  And if it doesn’t — we’ll still have fun together. Never let something as trivial as weather cause family problems!

No latch on these doors — we have two locking posts that mate with locking jaws on the door.

No latch on these doors — we have two locking posts that mate with locking jaws on the door.

I found instructions for adjusting the door lock on the coach.  But I’m not sure I want to take a chance on taking everything apart and using them.  This thing about how many/or how few tools I have and a history of not being the most coordinated workman does hold me back.  If you have a Holiday Rambler or a Monaco with their  interlocking jaw security system you might find this helpful.  Adjusting your entrance door.   The “adjustment” involves taking the door completely apart (risking dropping the in-door window) and I think I’ll leave that for someone with better working conditions. I know my own limitations!

Well, that’s it for Monday.  Take care of yourself and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

Tarpon Sponge Boat



8 thoughts on “I thought we were in Florida

  1. I’ll bet Serendipity is rocking on Jonas’ tail this morning…I know we are! Melbourne Beach is supposed to drop to 36 tonight; our coldest temperature yet. It’s all uphill after that, thank goodness.


    1. The biggest problem here was the power went out momentarily twice! By the time I got out (the first time) to check the power pole, and up (the second time at 3:30a.m.) our Progressive power filter was already in the 127 second filtration period before it turned the power back on to the coach. No appreciable winds to speak about — no sound from any of the toppers — but could see the shrubbery near by blowing in a mild breeze. Right here it really wasn’t that bad. We did get to 39º — but we are forecast for 28º Saturday night and we have had that (28º) several times already. And 32º Sunday night too. . I’m thankful — but that’s a good reason not to be on the coast. After OR where we were only 1/2 mile from the beach, Galveston where we were 1/4 mile from the Gulf, and S TX where we were 20 miles from the beach I’m not all that enamored of beachfront property. And lately we are hearing a little more of the highway — but I keep telling Peggy that the actual sound that we hear is so much like the sound of the surf that I don’t usually recognize it as traffic noise. 🙂

      > >


      1. Our winds are coming from inland today, so being on the coast has little to do with the current weather. I guess you and I differ on coastal living, as we are loving being so close to the wildlife of both the ocean and the intercoastal. The birding is amazing.


      2. I’m missing my birds this winter, but I’m not sure how much I’m missing the coast. We had 2 winters near the coast and we were ready to do something different — even if we had gone back to TX we had been talking about something up near San Antonio instead of the Rio Grande Valley.

        Right now I don’t see anything moving at all, not low, not tree-top level.

        Might have a different attitude if we were consistently having warmer temps but it’s OK — we warm up during the day. (although I bet our electric bill this month get’s close to $200). In S. Tex we ran between $120-$130

        > >

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      3. That is weird. That wind is sweeping around from the backside of that low….even up in Tallahassee. I see The Villages only have 12 mph winds right now. We are in the mid 20 mph range.


      4. I wonder if we are benefitting from some kind of terrain situation. We’re kind of in a little hollow lower than the surrounding area and several times when you have spoken about the weather I have wondered what you were getting that we weren’t. I know in Cudahy we had areas along the lake front where there were little micro climates because of the shape of the bluffs along the coast and we could drop 15º-20º for the distance of 1 block where there were updrafts — and then down that many degrees when we passed the valley.

        Not sure what to tell you. I’m glad to be out of it but can’t explain it. Yesterday we had HARD rains in the AM — but the water came STRAIGHT DOWN — then a couple hours later we had strongish winds (didn’t look to see how strong at the time, was doing something else). It’s just strange.

        > >

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  2. This is a colder than usual weather pattern. It was like this the first year I came up…almost exactly seven years ago. It was so cold, I threatened to have Rick drive me back to California. 😀 If this year follows the same patterns, there will be lots of rain and some flooding in lower areas. When are the kids coming in? We aren’t butting in on their schedule with our St. Augustine plans, are we? If so, we can reschedule if you want.


    1. Mrs P,

      I laughed when I read that there were reports in Jacksonville of snow last night. Leave it up to us to pick THIS year to visit. But seriously, we KNEW that this would be a colder and wetter than normal year. That’s what all the long range forecasts were saying and we decided to give it a try anyway. So, any disappointment is on us. Our choice.

      That said — there are other RV’ers who feel the bad weather is following them. Nick of the Gypsy Travel Blog was in AZ when it snowed earlier this winter now he’s headed over here to FL and the bad weather has followed him — people are taking up a collection to bribe him to stay away!

      Fact of the matter is we make the best of what we have where we are — and try to have a little fun laughing about it, and poking fun at our own choices while we do it….

      And no — you aren’t intruding. Mike & Katy are due on 2/28 – 3/3 — LONG time away yet.

      And maybe next weekend the weather might just be nice. 🙂

      Do you have any groceries over there that sell bulk coffee beans — what is it about S. Tex and FL that groceries don’t sell bulk coffee?

      > >


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