Sitting in my sitter


That table behind the chair has folding legs. We bought that for Journey and kept it when we traded coaches. Now it lives in the corner. I have thought about installing a corner cabinet but we’re still thinking about that.


I had to take the base apart to get it into the bedroom/office but there’s more than enough room back there. And I might like it better there than up front. We’ll give it a try for a while.

Don’t you like to try things out?  I do.  This way and that way.  Does it fit better, or does it waste too much room.

When we lived in Sticks & Bricks our family teased us that we were always rearranging furniture — and we did rearrange furniture a lot — more than any of our family members.  Of course there were reasons for that.  My parents had so much stuff in their place that you could not rearrange the furniture — there was no place to put something as you were doing the moving.  They were practically wall-to-wall furniture.  We have usually gone the other route of having less furniture per sq ft and with that choice came the option to change things around.  Instead of spending lots of money getting a design right once — but then having to live with it for 10 years — we didn’t invest as much in decorating and made smaller changes once or twice a year.

In the RV it’s different.  There’s nothing to move!  Our sofa is bolted to the floor.  The sofa we removed in  order to buy the recliner had been bolted to the floor.  The dining table is built into the coach, the kitchen counter is plumbed into the water and propane so nothing can be moved there.  The only three items that can be moved in our coach are the two easy chairs and a table that sits in the corner of the lounge.  I’m not sure if we’re becoming frustrated furniture movers! 😏


This is the model I had been considering.

harrison recliner

But this one fits so much better.

I had been looking at the chair on the left as a possible replacement for the old barrel chair that we have now.  The fabric on the barrel chair is still serviceable but the chair is so tiny that Peg says it’s too small for her and I kind of squeeze into it.  The chair I like has a solid sided arm — to which can be attached that little computer table.  But, alas, when I sat in the two chairs the other day at the RV show the one on the left just didn’t fit as well as the one on the right — and the one on the right has a very different arm structure so the table can’t be installed on it.  I don’t need the computer table.  It would have been nice to have. But I can surely live without it.

computer deskWe have talked about a corner cabinet like this (except reversed so that the return is on the left, not the right) for the lounge — that would match our oak interior. But for the added weight I’m not sure if we would get all that much  function.  And if we ever traded coaches the furniture would likely have to go with this coach.  Not that we are considering trading.  With all the other things we’ve done to this one we just about have it the way we want it!

So — even when I’m not doing much I’m still thinking about doing. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today, and I’ll be here to chat again tomorrow.  Why not stop by.


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