Ease on down the lawn chair

Friday was uneventful — sometimes uneventful is good.

I was up until the wee hours Thursday night so the fact that I actually slept until 8 a.m. when the alarm went off wasn’t too surprising but I can count on all my digits the number of times I’ve done that since retiring.  It’s nice, occasionally, to sleep past 4:15.

The morning (which dawned at almost 53º for the first time in a week or two) was accompanied by a line of thunder-boomers that came through with so much rain that it looked almost like a fog bank — you literally couldn’t see 100 yards into the distance and water cascaded down the paved streets.

I suspect that the rain interfered with the RV repair guy’s return to take measurements — we had hoped to get the slide topper order phoned in before the weekend and get the order in process — but that didn’t happen.

Instead the sun came out after lunch and the temps hit 72º so I a sat in my lawn chair and finished up another 700 page book.  It wasn’t exciting — but I enjoyed myself tremendously.

One of my readers told me a sad story about a friend of his who was recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and who died just a day or so ago.  Ya know, at this point in life I’m not saving the world every day, and I can’t say that every single day has the utmost in meaning — but I have to say that every single day arrives with gratitude, is lived with exuberance, and ends with thanksgiving.  I scarcely ever knew what to expect out of retirement but I’m infinitely thankful that each and every day has been filled with joy and companionship and faith.

Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk tomorrow, what do you say?


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