Gainesville on the fly


These horse farms / ranches are quite a big deal and represent huge investments in the Ocala area.


One of many fields just for the horses…

Thursday we had planned to hang out at the park but I got a little antsy so we drove to Gainesville in search of The Recycled Bicycle — a bike store that … duh … recycles bicycles.  It’s a great idea.  But upon arrival we found the doors locked, the lights out, and no one home.  There was stock in the store but no open hours on the door.  So, I guess for the time being we aren’t going to buy used bikes.  Later in the season we may try again — phoning first.


Lovely Live Oaks all over the area, with their branches arching over the road and creating fantasy scenes.


What an absolutely amazing example of a Live Oak!

You know that we aren’t city people.  So we spent as little time in Gainesville as possible. Our choice instead was to spend a bunch of time driving around the area and taking in the sights.  I’m a lover of large trees and Live Oaks are among the most picturesque on North America. With overcast skies Thursday it wasn’t the best weather for tree portraits but these are nice enough for iPhone snapshots.


One more field scene.

Part of me is wanting to hop in the car and go exploring; and part of me is quite happy not doing a lot at all.  I’m currently reading a John Irving book that is, frankly, not holding my attention.  So when not reading I’ve been puttering around with little chores and Peg’s been getting caught up on laundry.

The park recently replaced their laundromat machines with brand new washers.  They’re even more advanced than the ones we’ve been using at commercial washaterias — including a new feature that makes it impossible to open the lid after you’ve put in your money and turned it on.  And a surprise for Peg!


Cell / Data signal booster by WeBoost

I finally got around to hooking up my new WeBoost signal booster.  These new 4G & LTE boosters now require a registration with your cell/data carrier.  That I had done in Milwaukee a month ago, and I bookmarked the registration page.  Verizon has given blanket use permission when they were introduced but you do need to define where you’re using the booster in event your booster is interfering with other customers use of the network.  I updated our location and mounted the external antenna (atop a 16’ pool-skimmer pole) that I mount at to the rear ladder on the coach.

The new booster takes me from a barely 2 bar (dipping down to 1 bar) signal to a full 4 bars.  The internal antenna signal is also stronger than the one I got with my old 3G booster.  After using it only a couple days I’m quite happy with it.

The park here has marginal WiFi and according to their Terms of Use indicate that they throttle each user.  Their system is quite limited and I know that in the a.m. they can have 40 users logged onto a 5gigabit data stream it’s pretty pokey — so I’m still using my booster or my iPhone as a hotspot most of the time.

There you have another day in Northern Florida.  We’re settling in and content for the most part. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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