Bridge closure blocks Trans-Canada highway; main way to cross Canada by car now through U.S.

This may not be the year to do the Trans-Canada Highway….

I’m sorry to see this in this morning’s news…

NIPIGON, Ont. — Damage to a newly built bridge cut traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway in both directions Sunday and it wasn’t clear when it could reopen, says the mayor of a Northern Ontario community.Nipigon Mayor Richard Harvey said engineers are examining the Nipigon River Bridge on Highway 11/17 to determine the extent of the damage and how it happened.“We’re not sure exactly what the damage to the bridge is at this point,” he said in an interview.Images of the bridge appear to show a section of the structure is warped. Part of the metal decking can be seen sticking into the air.The only option for motorists driving across northern Ontario is to cross the U.S. border, there being no alternate road routes north of the Trans-Canada, Harvey said.Foot traffic can still use the bridge and if the damage means a lengthy closure, the municipality will look at alternatives to allow some vehicles to cross the river, he said.“This is something that, in our emergency preparedness in this area, we have run scenarios for and we do have options on how we would fairly quickly get traffic moving if there is a more serious issue,” he said.“There are alternate routes that we could, with a little bit of work, open up to get at least some traffic moving again.”Harvey said the bridge has only been open for about two months ago and was the largest most expensive bridge project ever undertaken in Ontario.

The troubled bridge

The troubled bridge

Source: Bridge closure blocks Trans-Canada highway; main way to cross Canada by car now through U.S.


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