Catching Up

The last few days I’ve been goofing off a lot.  The results of puttering around with little chores in the coach and resting a little has been forgetting to download & post images.  Today is a ‘catch-up day’ for images and not so much about new things.

These are from our day trip to St Marks National Wildlife Refuge.  It was a blustery day and neither of us thought it quit as cold as it proved to be — so we didn’t do much at the refuge.  But it was a beautiful day to be out and about.

Then there were shots from Fort Pickens campground that I failed to post.  Mostly I wanted to share this new variety (to me) of a pop-up camper.  The hard shell pops up and then extends both fore and aft to provide a hard sided sleeping platform both front and back.  The other shot is another image of the campground.

I have to say that while we love our coach I like to keep my eyes on what else is out there.  Our friends Otis & Ann from New Lisbon used to RV in a coach but when Otis’ health started to decline they found an RV park that they liked and ended up trading out of their coach and into a pull-behind travel trailer which they leave at Palmdale RV Resort.  I could see the possibility that at some point we could choose to do something similar.  They just drive a van with a small utility trailer behind.  But others doing something similar use a pickup truck camper, or even just a large car.  I have no idea what we might do if that were to be our ultimate choice but it’s nice to keep the options in mind.

While on the island, we did get over to Fort Pickens for a short tour.  A few miscellaneous shots from within the fort.  Some day I might take the time to comment in depth about the history of the fort.

We leave in a few minutes for the trip to Reddick (20 miles north of Ocala, and the location for our RV Park:  Ocala North RV Park. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Friends of ours have a home in here in Florida and leave their fifth wheel parked in Michigan all year. Honestly, it would be possible (and it could be economical) to have two rigs of some sort parked north and south, Peter.


    1. Jim,

      We too know couples who do the double RV thing. Of course that’s predicated on the idea that you can find two places you like to return to regularly. Unless you put your RV into Storage in one and have a site you leave the other on, or two sites to leave each one on in their respective locations.

      Presently I haven’t found any place I’d want to return year after year. Looking to find such a place is part the ‘scripted’ part of our Life Unscripted. 😏

      And to be honest — I’m not sure that given our personalities we ever would find such a place. We put a huge premium on ‘different’ and not a very big premium on ‘repeat.’

      That said, it’s always easiest just to come back some place you’ve been before. I certainly accept that. The problem being I have rarely ever chosen the easy course in life. I love challenges even when they aren’t good for me. I’m really stupid that way! And over the years that trait has cost me a lot of money! But, it is who I am and value is a very personally interpreted concept. I have spent more money on a single camera lens than some people pay for a new-to-them car. To each of us our purchase has been of value — but probably neither of us would want to exchange for the other person’s purchase.

      Of course that’s why there’s “no right way to RV.” 😀

      It’s like what we are discovering here at Ocala North… As much as this little place appeals the fact that it’s 14 miles from the closest grocery puts a snag in the works. Last winter we got annoyed upon realizing that Palmdale was 12 miles from the closest grocery; and then in February Uncle Wally opened up a new store in Los Fresnos that was only 3 miles down Hwy 100 — a much more convenient option even if we try to patronize the mom & pop stores when we can. For an 9 mile shorter trip I’ll patronize Uncle Wally any time. Here we are within 1/2 mile of the Interstate exit (and a Petro Lube truck stop) so access to the highway is quick (or we can take the county roads without much difference in distance) — to it’s easy to hop on the road to either Ocala or Gainesville (which we have yet to visit). But it’s not like it’s a walk in the park.

      I could see possibly trading off the coach for 2 travel trailers or 2 5th wheels at some point. What I can’t see is where we might do that.

      We have also talked about the possibility of RVing for 1/2 a year and returning to MKE for 1/2 a year — our family, small though it may be, is there. But even though I know people who actually lease a motel room for 6 months that is not something I see us doing. And renting an entire apartment for 12 months, but using it only 6 months is pricier than I want to think about now.

      But there aren’t any cards OFF the table. We’re keeping them all on the table and we talk about them — usually one card today, and another card 5 days from now, and another card a couple weeks later….. Which (FOR US) is part of the fun of being retired. We are enjoying the flexibility, the fact that we don’t HAVE to do anything or everything. Or even be in one place for a long — or a short — time.

      I think that the experiences of Grenada, and Oregon, and Highland Ridge where we arrived with one set of time expectations and felt free to completely change our plans upon arrival so as to stay significantly longer — or to return — THAT is RV’ing to me, to us. I’m not sure we have actually cut any of our stays shorter… I’d have to think about that for a while — but the whole ability to go with the flow is priceless.

      > >

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    2. After sending that other one off into the ether another thought came to mind.

      when we were in S. Texas we took a couple days to scout out other RV parks — for the possible future visits. One of the takeaways from those visits (about 50 different parks) was that there were a lot of parked RV’s and Park Models for sale.

      it would be possible to go shopping for RV Park/Park Model combos in the same way a person shops for a condo or a house. Find a park model for sale and if it’s located in a RV park that you like just do the 6 & 6 thing right where it sits. One thing for sure about retirees is that they are always getting older, dying, and becoming informed — a person could find a reasonably priced unit that way. I know people who have driven to AZ and S. Texas in the Spring (April) to scout for used RV’s for sale because the owner passed, or had a stroke, etc., during the winter. Yeah — it reeks of opportunism — but someone’s going to get the deal…

      We have not looked around here for parks yet — might leave that for LATE Jan or Feb — but who knows what we might find. I would not make such a decision in an El Nino winter on our first visit to FL but second or third years could be a different story.


      1. Yeah, you will want to wait for an average winter. My uncle who used to live in Ocala always told me to go further south, as he was always “too d***ed cold”.

        You are totally correct on the units coming up for sale; nothing opportunistic about it. It’s a fact of life. There are definitely always deals to be had. 🙂


      2. For the next few years we hope simply to enjoy life. There are a lot places to be seen yet and each year we get smarter about how we RV. As you know I wasn’t all that keen on coming to FL but now that we are here we’re going to enjoy life here, and then move on and enjoy life somewhere else on our way North to WI and from there — who knows. 🙂

        > >

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    1. I think in a day or two you’ll hear my take on “sunny” Florida — we haven’t seen much of that …. in the entire 3 weeks since we left MKE. But since writing that post we have actually had 2 days of mostly sun and 50º temps. It’s a lot better than MKE right now — I’ll take it.
      Our friends Jim & Diana Belisle are about 180 miles SE of us and their temps have been 10º to 20º warmer than here. But then their rent has been a couple (???) hundred $$$ higher too. Peg and I are beginning to accept that HIGH heat is no more our friend than too much cold — so we’re happy with what we have for now.
      And we have 3 months to explore!
      Cheers and stay in touch.


  2. If I could talk Dave into traveling again I would seriously consider buying one of these vans:, then using it to drive from one rental place to another. You can rent parked trailers and park models at some parks.

    As to motels we like ExtendedStay America if we are going to be as long as a month or more. It’s like having a studio apartment with twice weekly cleaning/linen service. Full size appliances in the kitchen area, table and desk, recliner, etc.


    1. Linda — Before we bought our first RV we had talked about doing just what you are talking about. For our age, we ultimately decided on full timing, but there are myriad other options. You’re right about Extended Stay America. We almost stayed there in Milwaukee if we had been forced to stay in MKE over the winter. For now we’re good, and who knows for how long — we might stay out here a goodly long while — for now we’ll just see what happens.


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