230 miles down the road…

2015123014123711Wednesday was a travel day.  Not like we planned it that way — we would have stayed longer at Eagle’s Landing RV Park, but with a full park we had no choice.  So we pushed on so as to avoid New Year’s Eve travel, and avoid New Year’s Eve drunks.2015123014124312

2015123015142017Our destination was Hampton Springs FL, and a little place called Rocky’s Campground which has 37 campsites for about $30.00 a night with full hookups and free WiFi (actually pretty decent WiFi!)  We tried calling ahead to Ocala to try getting in early, but with the holiday we didn’t have any luck and this place is actually pretty decent.

Hampton Springs is 5 miles out of Perry (in the wrong direction if you are going to Ocala), but it sounded like the best option for us and on the way West out of Perry we drove past Deal’s Seafood joint.  They specialize in Oysters and other seafood and as soon as we set up the coach for 2015123014315214our stay we bopped over (open from 11am till 9pm) for lunch.  For a basic, no-frills country road resto this place is the greatest.  The waitresses were all spunky and cheerful, the prices were (comparatively speaking) dirt cheap for what you got, the kitchen is fast, and we left with full tummies.  Peg had 9 fried shrimp with a baked ‘tater and coleslaw ad hush puppies.  2015123014542515I had a humongous pile of little scallops with coleslaw and cheese grits.  We had way more food than we needed and we didn’t rob the bank.

I’m not sure what we’ll “do” while we’re here.  I usually take it easy after a travel day and I’ll probably do that tomorrow.  But we have rain in the forecast on Friday — so it might make more sense to explore the local area Thursday, then chill on Friday and Saturday before our next 120 mile jaunt to Ocala on Sunday.

I finished my book and have started on a John Irving book, but I’m not sure that I’ll do all that much reading while we’re here.

What you don’t learn in your head, you learn in your feet

On the “things I forgot to do” front I have a simple story to tell.

We have not had electrical problems towing our CR-V since October of ’13 when we had a bypass switch installed in the CR-V to reduce parasitic electrical drain while towing.  When we left Fort Pickens on Sunday we were good — a short hop (25 miles) and I unhooked everything when we stopped for the day.

Monday night we we hopped from Pace FL to Holt FL I got sidetracked during our arrival and somehow I neglected to disconnect the Brake Buddy and to remove the valet key from the ignition on Monday night.  Tuesday we went nowhere.  This morning when I went out to run the engine before towing ( a Honda mandatory pre-tow requirement ) I had no juice in the battery.  My Bad.  Entirely my fault.  No excuses.

Our New Charger

Our New Charger

I got out our charger ( bought in Ogallala NE the last time I had electrical problems while towing ), put it on the battery for a few minutes to get enough of a charge to run 220 miles and then disconnected.  Once we arrived here I needed to put the charger back on to get enough charge to start the car but we’re good to go and that’s a mistake I’ll try not to make again.  Draining a batter too far is detrimental to the battery’s ability to hold a charge in the future so you don’t want to repeat-abuse your equipment.  But — we all make mistakes and that was mine for the week.

Ok —  that’s enough for Wednesday.  The world will be celebrating the new year tomorrow night.  I’m going to be glad to be off the road and safe.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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