Getting our Southern Groove On

Sweet Tea.

We all have items that become associated with certain cuisines.Now that we’ve finally hit the Gulf Coast it’s time to readjust our menu to what we is most available in the local markets.  Or that used to be the way I did things.  Nowadays the population is so cosmopolitan and the food system so advanced that not only is it not necessary to do that, it can be difficult when visiting the local grocery to know what is actually regional fare & what isn’t.

When faced with this dilemma I fall back on cliche!  (Typical Northerner!)

Yesterday we made grits and eggs on our new two burner induction hob.

They were good.  Really good.  But, the funny thing is I was less impressed by the grits and eggs than I was about the luxurious sensation of cooking with two pots simultaneously! I felt like a KING!

We have had our new 2 burner unit for the better part of a month now.  But, after 4 years of cooking on the single burner Max Burton unit I have hardly used the second burner.  Habits die hard I guess.

As I write this Christmas is 2 days away. I’m sure I’ll use both burners then.  And the crockpot.  And the microwave! But,  I’m supposed to be losing weight — so pigging out on a big meal doesn’t sounds like the best plan in the world.  Maybe I’d best trim back my menu!

Menu changes notwithstanding, I’m still making more cranberry relish to go with our frozen turkey breast for Christmas.  Gotta have me some more cranberries!

Flooded Road Update

As I mentioned in our posts about the last two days of travel, our stay at Gulf Islands National Seashore is a curiosity stop.  We aren’t big beach people. However, we heard so many people talking about this place over the last four years that we had to stop and check it out.

I mentioned previously that the website provides a 24 hour flooded road hotline. I have to say I have been wondering about that for a few days.

I called Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and kept getting a recording dated 7 days earlier saying the road is open.  This morning, Wednesday, the day of our trip I call the number and the recording is now current and they are warning of water on the road and the exercise of caution while on the road.  There’s more rain in the forecast today.

My question — unasked and unanswered is — what happens to people who have reservations and who, upon arrival, discover the road closed?  I’m hopeful that won’t be us.  I’ll let you know when we arrive.

It turns out that people who are in the campground when it floods get asked to leave until the campground is reopened!  We met a couple from about 1 hour away from Service (where we just came from) to whom that happened last week.  There was flooding and the NPS closed the park for 2 days.  Wondering if we’ll have to leave during our stay?

One final comment on Service Campground. We spent 3 nights there. For the entire time there were 3 volunteer couples (2 couples as fee collectors and 1 couple doing maintenance), and two camper sites.  With 37 sites in the campground.  I walked in on a staff meeting on Monday morning (actually I believe they were all sitting around chewing the fat, but it looked like a meeting).  They said that after Christmas the activity picks up and they have quite a number of snowbirds on hand but for the month of December this is a wonderful place for solitude!  I think on average we only saw 3 barges a day — not sure if that’s a function of the time of year, or more specifically the Christmas/New Year holiday season — perhaps workboats get off the water as it were for the holiday.  I don’t know.


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