Not Going to Argue With Happenstance

I am not clairvoyant. Let’s get that straight from the get-go. But at the moment I’m feeling as lucky as if I were.

By the way … why is it that clairvoyants are routinely pictured as women? Even if I’m not one, it would be nice to think I COULD BE one!

By the way … why is it that clairvoyants are routinely pictured as women? Even if I’m not one, it would be nice to think I COULD BE one!

When the doctor decided I needed to hang out in Milwaukee for an extra two months I was pretty bummed.  For years, I had wanted to volunteer at Bosque del Apache.  The prospect of fulfilling that dream was really a high point to our 2015 plan. I was all pins and needles.  It was with great regret that I called Chris Leeser to bow out for this winter.

Fast forward 3 months and I’m thanking our lucky stars, or Providence, or whatever circumstance made us change our mind about volunteering because as I right this New Mexico is bracing for a real time record setting BLIZZARD.


Here’s the official NOAA notice.


I’m not gloating.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. We all have many opportunities to be thankful for Providence.

Just this week, we consider ourselves fortunate in having left Service Campground at Silas AL the day BEFORE the recent severe weather.  In the storms and tornados that went through the mid-south in that one series of storms 15 people lost their lives, there was significant flooding, and all we had to deal with was some rain and wind,  a few inches of water on the park road here in Gulf Stream, FL — a pittance by comparison to what we left behind that very day.

And now there’s this blizzard out West…

I know some readers think I’m too obsessive about weather.  But the fact of the matter is that weather means a lot more to RV’ers than it might mean to most other citizens (unless of course you factor in the homeless).  RV’ing keeps you far more exposed to the elements than you would be living in sticks & bricks.  No matter what kind of RV a person has, it’s not going to be as safe and secure as a sticks & bricks home.  That’s just a fact of life. Therefore, weather is nothing to be taken for granted.  It’s good to keep your eyes on what’s happening around you, and to make plans for what to do in emergencies.

Earlier this morning I noticed in my news feed a story about a landslide in Oregon, not far from where we were volunteering in ’13 & ‘14. While we worked in Oregon we were extremely conscious of the fact that many places have only a single road between two destinations.  If something happens to that one route you are forced to make an extremely long detour.  This morning’s problem was a landslide on 23843642342_bfddf1b0bf_zOregon highway 42. We used to drive that route.  Its the same route our boss still takes to work each day.  Oregon DOT is saying the route will be closed for the foreseeable future — at least a week and most likely longer.  No matter your plans, no matter the dates on your calendar — sometimes you can’t plan on being waylaid by weather, road construction, emergencies, etc.

Many states have Department of Transportation information pages on the Web.  Oregon’s site is called Tripcheck.  OR DOT TripcheckWherever you are going, make sure you know the respective website to keep yourself apprised of current conditions.  Some people use Weather Emergency radios — I’ve never relied on them — but then I keep my eye on weather more than many folks and I’d rather be acting preventively than waiting until an emergency is announced and having to react instantly.  I’m big on being pro-active!

As you go out and about — keep your eyes on your surroundings.  Whether at the seaside (where you never turn your back on the ocean), or in the desert (where people die of dehydration for lack of carrying water with them in their vehicle) think about safety.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Not Going to Argue With Happenstance

  1. I am constantly checking weather in advance of changing locations. I have severe COPD, so weather is extremely important to my health. This has been a really unusual year. Places you normally not be concerned about have had big surprises. I can see why many choose Mexico. Warmth and comfortable conditions along with less expensive living. However, being near the costal regions have proved to be calamitous this year. Many will remember this year and hope it was just an anomaly.
    I’m glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy your travels.

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  2. It took me awhile after moving back into an apartment to realize i didn’t need to quite as obsessive about checking the weather as I did in the RV. Now that I’m back home with Dave, I mostly wait for him to tell me if there’s something I need to be concerned about.

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  3. All of December has been absolutely gorgeous, and we have been wondering if the weather forecasters got the winter outlook wrong for all the precip, snow and cold. It just hit in a big way! We may be stuck at home for days. Be glad you opted to go where you did, at least right now. 😉

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  4. I am also a weather follower, something that comes natural living in Florida…plus the local cable company prides itself in giving a weather report every ten minutes.


    1. I know there area number of non-rv’ers and some RV wannabes who follow the blog and I think it’s important to highlight some of the glitches that no one talks about — or not very often. In 4 years we have had evacuation issues 3 times. Here. Once at Thomson Causeway where it worked out that they closed the park on the day we were leaving — so no real impact on us other than packing up with wet feet. And once at Blackhawk Park where they contacted us in advance (1 week) to say our site was underwater — but they had a site in a different part of the campground that we could have — so it was a change but a minor one FOR US.

      I used to watch The Weather Channel a lot (maybe 10 years ago) but now they have so many other things that I only use them if my phone or ‘puter can’t bring me up to what I want.

      > >

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