A Florida White Christmas

In all my years as a Northerner there are some things I’ve never considered.  Among them is the possibility of experiencing a WHITE Christmas in Florida.  But such is a possibility and I’m here to prove it.


Have a blessed day and in the spirit of Christmas give someone a kiss today.  Talk to you tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “A Florida White Christmas

  1. You must be in Ft. PICKENS….SUFFERED A WHITE OUT there 2ND winter full timing…almost couldn’t get back to our rig…4 wheel drive ranger opened the gate!!! Off to Palofex Market down town Sat am??? We’ll be there and Joe Patties for sea food…amazing, don’t miss it! Wish we could meet up?!

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      1. Gulf Shores, AL…not sure if traveling over Saturday but Pensacola favorite place. Naval Museum a must….free and over 200 reburb aircraft plus SO MUCH MORE. Super cool…it’s outstanding!

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