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Could use a little water!



We’re hearing a little about how ferocious this el niño is and I have been focussing my attention on the areas of greatest interest to me — namely Florida, Texas and Arizona.  But it’s easy to be distracted from reality by one’s own biases.  For example, there’s the LACK of precipitation here in Mid Mississippi.

When I look at the longterm forecasts for the winter and I focus in on the projection that Florida may get significantly more rainfall than normal — I forget about the fact that we are passing through Mississippi and the situation is very different here.


Same scene — 2015

The top two images are taken from nearly the same point, one year apart.  As you can see water levels at this dam are significantly lower than they were last year.  Momma Nature can be very unequal about her distribution of her favors!

We are enjoying the sounds of nature, and the wildlife.  Last year we didn’t see any deer at all around Lake Grenada — we were 45 days earlier and there were a lot of campers in the campground.  This year there are 9 camping units set up — and that includes three units for the different loop hosts. — So, really, there are 6 campers in this lovely site.  Last year I thought they were open all the way through the winter but this year I see recreation.gov shows no availability from 1/1/16 to 4/31/16.  Evidently something changed.  It would be interesting to see what winter would be like here.  I know that some of the hosts have stayed through the winter during previous years.

2015121510302703Back to my tale about critters…

Last year we saw no deer.  This year we saw some right away on the first day.  There are a lot of Canada Geese here — whether to over-winter or just in transit I have no idea.  A couple herons have been seen as well as cardinals, jays and a variety of other birds we recognize, we hear numerous woodpeckers, and there are at least half a dozen bird songs that we have no idea what they might be.

The catchment basin that we are parked alongside is nice because it doesn’t seem to vary as much due to water level fluctuations.  It seems to stay fairly full most of the time.  There’s a swimming area, and a pier for fishing — taken more advantage of during warmer weather I’m sure.  I don’t believe I want to go swimming this time of year.

We made one brief trip into town for provisions.  I think we’ll stop over again on Sunday to top off the fridge before heading to Silas but we’re good for now.  I forget that it’s hard to find wine by the box around here — Mississippi is clearly BEER country — Oh well….

When we first sold the house and went mobile we had planned a 2 week stay to decompress after the stress of selling and legalities.  This stop in Grenada seems rather like the same thing.  I can feel the stress just sloughing away and it feels good.  I had some projects I intended to take care of on our first or second stop — they may wait until we get to Gulf Shores.  I’m enjoying being retired.  Peg’s enjoying sitting out side — something she didn’t do at all in Milwaukee for the last 2 1/2 months since the temps started dipping.  This is just a nice homey place for us.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

P.S.:  it’s now a couple days later since writing this and the current 10 day forecast includes 8 days of rain — maybe they’ll get a start on filling this reservoir!


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    • Agreed. But we will be getting more liquid skies coming up. I see rain 8 out of 10 days in the extended forecast. But it will be a WARM rain, 🙂 Maybe I’ll even find a theater playing Star Wars for our once annual movie ….

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