I will never understand insurances

So I’m enjoying a nice lunch at our favorite Thai resto — Singha Thai — and the phone rings.  Mistake #1, I answer it.Photo of Singha Noodles, a meat (chicken in this case) dish with vegetables and noodles. Taken at Singha Thai restaurant in West Allis

It seems that the pharmacy is calling to tell me that United Healthcare has decreed without seeming to tell us or my pharmacy that if you have their Medicare Advantage policy and you get your meds mailed to you that you no longer have an option about which mail order service you can use.  You must use OptumRX.  Supposedly that change was made in October but I don’t know about the change, my agent doesn’t know about that change, and my pharmacy didn’t know about that change.

If we lived in sticks & bricks that would not be a big deal.  But to be told that the week that we are trying to get out of town, and the week when delivery of our meds might be the limiting factor on when we can leave, hearing this is not going to make a person happy.

Pharmacy asks what I want to do.  I know that it takes OptumRX a couple weeks to verify prescriptions and to process the first order so I ask to pick up the order later this week.  Mistake #2.  The mail order pharmacy here in Milwaukee does not have a storefront where customers can pick up meds.

So I ask if I can have alternate #1 or alternate #2 fill the scrip and pick the scrips up there?  Sure! I’m told.

Phone rings again.  Pharmacy says 4 out of 7 scrips don’t have refills on them.  Mistake #3 — did my doc forget to send out new scrips? or send them to the wrong place?

In my usual controlling manner I decide to drop in on the pharmacy that is supposed to fill the scrips.  We hassle the situation out and in the end they agree to call me when they have worked out the details.  Good.  Breathe sigh of relief.

Phone rings again.  Mistake #4 — Pharmacist says mail order branch of pharmacy is going to fill the scrips and have them delivered to my local store — sometime mid-next-week…. is this ok?   Hell no! I respond.  I give them our departure date and emphasize that we will not be here the middle of next week and I will have run out of meds by then.

meds-woesMid afternoon, phone rings again.  Doctor’s PA is on the phone.  They sent the scrips to OptumRX in September — even though I wasn’t USING OptumRX.  Mistake #5.

At the moment I’m still hoping we can leave on or before December 15th.  There’s snow in the forecast for the 14th.  I really want to leave on the 13th if possible.

Will we make it out of ‘Dodge’ before the snow falls again?

Your guess is as good as mine…

There are times like today when the stress gets to us.  Poor Peg was really discouraged after all the phone calls.  I don’t blame her.  We did think that full time RV’ing would be easy.  But there have been times… a few of them already… when the fact that full time RV’ing is not as simple as falling out of bed and when you’re tempted to say, oh, the hell with it, let’s just go back to living in a house.

RX ICONNo — we aren’t making any changes… but there are days we think about them.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.  Hopefully when I’m in a better mood. Maybe by then the fridge install will have started, and we’ll know something more about our meds.  I plan to stop at the pharmacy again tomorrow.  I really do like it better when I can talk to someone face to face.

days like this



7 thoughts on “I will never understand insurances

  1. You make me glad we used Walmart Pharmacy when on the road. While we did have some problems at least there was always another Walmart down the road so we could move one yet get our scrips when we needed them.

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    1. Linda — did you ever have problems moving a scrip to a second or third pharmacy? I get 1 set of scrips per year — and we have moved them from one supplier to another, but sometimes if we move again before the end of the year the second movement of the scrips causes problems….. curious about your experience.


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