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Cold & Refrigeration — dissimilar topics

I’m sure it’s all psychological.  Now that we have plans for the winter the actual temps aren’t nearly as annoying!  I still have problems functioning in these temps but hey — knowing that I’m not going to be here all winter makes all the difference.

So, in celebration, here’s a shot from 2011 — the year of our great blizzard!
201212301455FAMILY10709It has been interesting that since the Norcold started acting up a few weeks ago ( when we went out and purchased the household refrigerator ) that the freezer section has been limping along sufficiently to keep food frozen even if the refrigerator section has not been working. Doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s what was happening. We are three days away from a functional refrigerator.  If we had to take frozen items over to Kathryn’s at least we would not have to throw anything away this time.

12322422_960037737390474_1432779770565187416_oToday Mike and Kathyrn are hosting a Pop-Up Shop!  Some of their artist and craftsman friends are trying a new marketing idea in the neighborhood — with hand made arts and gifts being sold at the shop.  Mike has officially been calling their shop The Magnet Factory — in honor of their building’s original use.

We may do some Christmas cookie baking on Sunday but as the stressors disappear from our life here we’re mostly back to enjoying our time while we wait for two remaining events to take place.  You can tell by now that I don’t handle uncertainty very well.  Baking cookies together has been a thing for us since Katy was young and with us in town this year … why not repeat a wonderful tradition?  We’ll see how much energy she has after the pop-up shop today.  (You know it would never be the OLD FOLKS who wanted to cancel).

There ya go. A quiet day, so a short post.  Thanks for stopping by and let’s talk again tomorrow.


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