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smiley faceI’m so much easier to get along with when I have control over my own life!

Once we knew we were good to go, attention turned directly to sorting out the winter.  And, 24 hours later, our winter plans are shaping up in spite of how long we had to wait to make them! Mind you, I was not looking forward to calling around for RV resort reservations so late in the season.  So much of our “knowledge” of Florida is hearsay and I’ll be frank when I say I was freaking out about competing with those hoards of Florida snowbirds we keep hearing about! And us not knowing any campgrounds firsthand that we could try with assurance….

Numerous of the campgrounds on our “we-like-‘em”  list were full before I started calling around. Even more discouraging, I didn’t find any parks that were the least bit appealing near St. Augustine; Daytona doesn’t appeal to me — the only thing I ever got in Daytona Beach was a tattoo.  And, for this winter, I didn’t want to be all the way over on the Gulf Coast; our limited experience of Florida has been the Gulf Coast and we wanted to see more (or other) of the great state of Florida.

At length I found a spot for us.  We’ll be spending January through March near Ocala. I’ll share more details as the time gets closer — just in case there’s a surprise.  We made reservations, but when the park doesn’t require a deposit I’m always a little leery of how firm the reservation might be in THEIR mind.  But, I confirmed it in writing so we do have some sense of certainty that the reservation is real.

As soon as we had a firm arrival date in Florida and departure date from Florida I felt 100% better.  I thrive on direction!

Over the next few days we’ll muddle over our routing options,  where we might overnight, and how long to spend at our various stops.  A couple weeks to travel 1200 miles leave plenty of time to nose around.  Should we run through states in which we haven’t yet RV’d? How much Interstate to take?  How many lesser highways? Should we lengthen the trip by dropping straight South to the Gulf Coast and enjoy a few extra days of fresh seafood along the way?  And, as always, what will the weather be like for our travel days?

We’re back to the fun part of RV’ing!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.  It’s just a couple days till Mike starts on the refrigerator change out.  I’ve roughed out a sketch for some storage alongside the new fridge (in a larger than needed cavity) and I know that will add a little time to the change-out process but I think it’s still doable.


10 thoughts on “Smiley Face

    1. It’s funny how little it takes to actually make me happy. I had to drive the coach 8 miles yesterday to take it to our daughter’s house. I was happy for the rest of the day!

      I think we have settled on a route for the trip. We have a rough approximation of how many days it will take to do the driving, so that give us an idea how many days we can spend at each of the stops.

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  1. Good news! It’s nice to have a certainty when you’ve been walking around with a bunch of maybes. Knowing that the weather’s been pretty crazy these days, it be nice if the weatherman would be nice to you and give it some good weather along the way.

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    1. Yeah. Certainty is good. We can deal with a certain amount to un-certainty, but is IS good to know what’s happening, or is going to happen.
      Wish I could say that about my meds. I decided — in keeping with my three rules to life — to stop by the pharmacy on Wednesday to see how the mail-to-the-local-store-for-pickup process was going and discovered that they had one prescription WRONG — on both the dose and the med [supposed to be extended relate version and was not] and another one missing altogether. Had I waited till Friday to go over to pick them up we would have been screwed. This way they had time to realize the error and (hopefully) to correct it by Friday. Good grief! United Healthcare is not getting good marks from me this week.

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      1. sorry to hear. some days I just want to cry this country’s healthcare is so screwed up and no one is really doing anything about fixing it. wouldn’t be bad if someone was actually working on a fix, but we know that’s not true.


      2. When you get down to Florida, I’ll share my woes…the blog isn’t the right place…and hopefully by then, I will have a plan.that I can live with. 😉


      3. Plans you can live with are good!

        We’ll have time to talk then. Till then, stay safe and healthy. Tomorrow’s the big day — if my meds are in we get to leave Saturday (my blog is a few days behind) — if not, we hang out a few more days. $280.00 for ONE med for 90 days. sheesh.

        > >

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