Dr Tajik

My specialist

Thursday was a huge day for us!

Planned to be our final specialist appointment for this stay in Milwaukee, the appointment could not help but arrive with tension and nervous energy.  The good news?  Doc turned me loose and even he was excited about the results of the latest round of tests.  I was pretty amazed at the results achieved just using meds and we are now able to turn our noses South feeling confident that we’re on the right course and that I’ve got a second lease on a productive and happy life.

We will run back this way in the Spring for what they are anticipating to be a simple and short visit — stick a heart monitor on me for a day and make sure that everything’s going to plan.Aurora St Lukes 2Our lives are once again back in our own hands!

First thing following the appointment was to get on the phone with our pharmacy and make sure our mail-order meds were all sorted out and to verify a mailing date.  Once again I was glad to have checked.  A couple meds of my meds would not have shipped with the rest. I’m hoping that having taken time to check on them, that we’ll get what we need when we need it.  Under normal conditions with no changes they do a good job, but in this instance there were numerous prescriptions written before final dosage was determined and we have seen in the past that multiple scrips challenge the pharmacy.  If we were normal in-place residents I wouldn’t worry about it at all.  But you other RV’ers know what it’s like to await mailed meds.  Med mailings are a fact of life for many RV’ers and a potential source of stress.

Helpful Readers

Following my recent post about the Norcold going down yet again I had a very helpful note from Rich in Mountain Home Missouri. He mentioned that they installed the same model number Whirlpool refrigerator which we finally selected, and he gave me a couple clues about installation details unique to our model.  I’m really happy about that.  This is yet another example of how great the RV community is.  It’s great to be part of a group that helps each other just because we are all in the same kind of boat! (or RV).  I’m really thankful for my readers — you make the blog so much more fun when you drop me a line about this, that, or the other thing!

So… We have a few days before Mike can get around to installing the refrigerator. Ideally that job will get finished up about the time my meds arrive in the mail.  It’s time to start thinking seriously about where we’re going to spend the winter!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Released!

    1. Linda,

      We won’t be here MUCH longer.

      There is the change out on the fridge to be done. We’re dependent on Michael to do the changeout and he’ll get at it one of these days. We are also choosing to wait on our meds mailing — which should be in a couple days. Once we have meds and a replacement fridge off we go. We have a reservation in FL now — near Ocala — so we won’t be hanging around here for long. > >


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