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The Appliance Deliveryman Cometh!



The Great Norcold Refrigerator Saga draweth to a conclusion… soon. That’s because the GE delivery service delivered our Whirlpool refrigerator safely, without dings or visible damage on Tuesday — right on schedule.

It’s still humorous to me that a General Electric truck delivers appliances for the Whirlpool Corporation but hey, logistics is not my worry and all I care about is that this time the fridge shows up, instead of being backordered as it had been last time.

I talked with Michael while we were waiting for the truck. As my installer-guy, he’s going to shoot to remove the old and install the new fridge next Monday (December 7 — a good day — that’s the day my dad proposed to my mom in 1941).  The stars are starting to align in our favor methinks!

The fridge does not come with a full width shelf in the freezer compartment — I measured the space and I need to look for a wire rack that is 11″ X 18” — in time I’m sure I’ll find one — perhaps even without too much delay — Home Depot might have something I can use — and I’ll try to get over there in the next day (seeing as I forgot to look today when I was out and about).

Now, even if the wonky Norcold fridge conks out altogether we can at least put the contents into the new fridge sitting at the kids’ house.  At least I don’t have to worry about spoilage now.


2 thoughts on “The Appliance Deliveryman Cometh!

  1. rich says:

    I used a wire corner shelf from Wal-Mart, same height as partial shelf this comes in freezer to support ice container. It fills the gap nicely.


    • Good idea Rich.
      We’re going a different way though… We thought about the ice maker and decided against it. So, instead I found a plastic coated piece of shelving that should fit when I cut it to size (width) Will do that when Mike does the install.
      Funny, when once you know the change is coming you just can’t WAIT to get it done!


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