Puttin’ up da tree

The friday after Thanksgiving was actually more of an ‘event’ than Thanksgiving day itself.  That’s because Melanie and Drew were due in town for a quick visit and the four of us here in Milwaukee were eager to see them and re-connect after what seems a long time.

2015112716292103We haven’t seen them since just before Labor Day and we couldn’t wait!  They arrived with bells on — both looking skinny but healthy and well and happy.  What parent or grandparent doesn’t breathe a sigh of relief when they see their loved ones and see happiness in their eyes and words!

Michael did his annual thing of going out and cutting down the family Christmas tree — a local lot not far away is Mike’s annual visitation and this year he found a nice 12 footer.  With 5 of us trying to help get the monster out of the Sprinter van and help get it set up there were too many bodies for the job to be done but hey, it was nice to have everyone there at once.  We aren’t a big family anymore and having those of us that are part of it all in one place is wonderful.  Drew’s from a LARGE family — with gatherings numbering easily between 35 and 50 depending on who is available at any one time — so Mel is in the middle between large and small.

In the evening we went to our favorite Polish resto for a family meal.  Between stuffed cabbage and pierogi and schnitzel and … well, you get the idea.  We left pleasingly plump, again.  But mostly we left happy.

Family time is precious.  So, if I don’t spend much time writing today you’ll understand why.  Let’s talk again tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by today.



3 thoughts on “Puttin’ up da tree

  1. What a great looking tree! I love what the kids and under the place. I used to dream of having a big open space like that. Glad to hear you had some good family time.


    1. Every year Mike goes to the local cut-your-own lot and comes back with a winner.

      at first this looked a little sparse on the branch count, but as it settled out it’s wonderful.

      love being with the ‘kids’ — I wish everyone was fortunate enough to have such a congenial familial entourage!



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