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Once more into the brink…wait… no…. make that into the refrigerator

I can hardly express my irritation.

Our Pile-of-Junk Norcold is malfunctioning again. For 24 hours the temp has hung at 47º — not what you want from a refrigerator.  I switched it over to propane mode in the hope that we’ll get some cooling.

This time I’ve had it.  This is the 5th time we’ve had problems with this unit. It may be 5:30 a.m. as I write this but I’m already moving forward.  I’ll talk with our S-I-L Michael today to see if he has time to do a swap out; if not I will going hunting for an RV–modifications–shop to replace our RV fridge with a residential unit — ideally on the way South. Good to have a backup plan just in case.  I know there’s no place here in Milwaukee that I’d trust to do the job. Somehow I just had a feeling this could happen.

Of course — after almost 2 months of working just fine, we finally decide to trust it (meaning that we buy protein and stocked up the freezer) and now it starts acting up.  On October 3 we decided to cancel the order we had, because there was no stock in the warehouse — now I’m back out shopping for a replacement refrigerator.





According to the Home Depot website I can get the same refrigerator (I cancelled because of no stock) on 12/1.  I’ll head over there this morning after I speak with Micheal to see if that’s a real date or fictitious.  The alternative is that I their website says I can get it from HH Gregg the day after Turkey Day. If either of those are realities we’ll get something on order today.

It would have been easier to do this a couple months ago but stress isn’t good for me and I’ve had it with this refrigerator! There is, however,  a good side.  By being forced to deal with this after getting my health issues resolved the changeout won’t be as dangerous. The doc was particularly concerned about my physical activity level prior to dosing me on the new medicine.  I know I will have to rely on Michael to do the work, but 2 months ago I might have tried doing more of it myself and that would have been far more dangerous.  So, all in all, I’m not complaining.  There are cosmic reasons things work out the way they do;  there’s no sense in kicking against Providence.

…Later the same day (Wednesday)

The order is placed.
I’ve been assured that there is stock on hand.
Delivery is scheduled for 12/1.
Mike thinks we can get the install done the week of 12/8.
And the Norcold propane mode is keeping our groceries cold for now.

Looking good for now….

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Once more into the brink…wait… no…. make that into the refrigerator

  1. Rich Aigner says:

    Peter, That’s the refrigerator I installed 2 yrs ago. Advise you add a sub floor with a tab to support the front hinge/leg, otherwise there will be no support for that corner. Also used a simple toggle with a small bungie 1/8 in. to secure both doors to the adjacent cabinet frame. The toggle fits between the doors , the bungie also stretches between to the cabinet frame. If you need any other help or advice on the install, let me know. rfcaigner@gmail.com. PS I’m in Mountain Home ARKANSAS.

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  2. I did mine in February. A GE 15.5 cubic ft model. We paid $581 for the fridge and 600 for the install here in Tucson. They even went to Lowes and picked it. Tucson, a great place for RV service.

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    • We’ll be doing the install soon. My S-I-L will do the work. Always good to find a service outlet that you can trust — what dealer did you use?


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