Simple thoughts on Black Friday

So many people complain about Black Friday.  And yet it continues from year to year.  So, I have to ask myself:

If people did not patronize
the stores offering Black Friday sales
would stores continue having Black Friday?

The thing is, we (as a society, as a culture) get the things we value.  Quite obviously an awful lot of U.S. citizens like Black Friday… because …. they think they save money.  It’s all about the all mighty dollar in this country — and don’t you fool yourself into thinking otherwise.  If people didn’t buy… stores wouldn’t sell.


That’s just like complaining about Walmart.  I hear so many people decrying the growth of this huge chain and yet many of the complainers sneak out to Walmart to get their special needs filled when no one’s looking.

I’m not always proud that I patronize Walmart, I’d much rather patronize local mom & pop stores when possible.  But rarely do mom & pop stores have parking lots where we can park our coach & toad. So it is that we take the path of least resistance and we buy where we can park.  It’s not a great reason, but it’s one that’s important for us.


The older I get the less I like pretense; the less I like lying.  I’d much rather be the life I live, and live the life I love.

This year we didn’t go Black Friday shopping. We never go shopping on Black Friday.  At least not for things to buy.

We did however go to the nearest, largest, Menards store in the area.  It was 11 a.m. and we bought nothing.  Didn’t intend to, succeeded in our goal.  What we did was to use the Menards store to walk laps! By the time we got out of the house the local mall parking lots were full to the gills; the local parks were soggy and muddy from yesterday’s heavy rains; and we both wanted to walk.

So, for the first time in …. oh golly … maybe 20 years … we were in a store on Black Friday.  Felt weird! By 11 a.m. the early morning crowds must have diminished, because the store wasn’t packed (part of the reason we chose Menards) — but there were a goodly number of customers in the store. We took our time as we did our laps around the store.  It was fun in a weird sort of way.

I don’t know if the shoppers fulfilled their goals — but we fulfilled ours.  I hope you all have a happy holiday season,  I don’t see any reason why not to do so.  Life is short, make the most of every day,  and don’t waste a minute of it doing what you don’t love.  Not even shopping!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Simple thoughts on Black Friday

  1. Black Friday makes me cringe.It sort of makes sense in terms of coinciding with the American Thanksgiving holiday – sadly, Canadians suffer black Friday madness (and our holiday was weeks ago! ). I had a party to work Friday in West Vancouver (typically a 30 minute drive from the office ). It took almost 2 hours due to black Friday gridlock. Beyond silly! Listening to CBC radio (equal parts to pass the time/keep my mind off the fact I should have gone to the bathroom before leaving) the announcer was interviewing a retail executive. Executive spoke of reasons why he would NEVER make a purchase on black Friday. Retailers count on 2 days a year to move goods otherwise destined to languish in purgatory – black Friday and Boxing Day. Hype and crowd mentality are sufficient to make otherwise immovable object fly off the shelves.Just can’t bring myself to do it. 🙂

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    1. Agreed. Had the weather not been so cold and rainy on Turkey Day we would have been outside walking. And I can’t believe we actually went to a store to walk — but we were both feeling pretty pent-up and in need of a little physical energy burn-off. It was kind of fun though — looking at all the frantic (and I MEAN frantic ) shoppers. The good thing about Menards is that they usually have an outside aisle — around the perimeter of the store so we could walk at a decent clip without getting run over by shopping carts!


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