Snow on Nov 21

They say that Milwaukee has not seen snow in November since 1978.  Not sure about the statistic but we surely had our 1st accumulation of snow on Saturday!  IMG_1684When I came out of the coach Saturday morning I was greeted by a tiny snowman that one of our neighbors had built.

Snow has never been my favorite thing.  I went sledding and tobogganning with my parents and friends.  And we went hiking and ice skating as well.  It’s just that I’ve never been one to enjoy the cold.  My bad frostbite in the 70’s only made that aversion worse.

But, here we are! In Wisconsin, in the late Autumn and there’s snow on the ground.  I kind of hoped I’d never be in the snow again when we went mobile but I guess that isn’t going to work out that way.

Tomorrow is the annual Holiday Folk Festival — celebrating the cultural diversity of this wonderful city.  Our plan is to visit with Kathryn and sample a little of the “flavors” and the “flavor” of cultural diversity!  There’s no chance that the snow will melt by tomorrow, we’re scheduled to dip to 14º overnight.  So, we’re going to let Kathryn do the driving — it’s been 4 years since I drove in the snow!

The HFF is a long time Milwaukee tradition.  I remember going to the fair as a teenager two or three longtime venues ago.  With dancing, crafts, and food from a wide variety of nations, it’s always interesting.  As the population of Milwaukee has changed, so has the festival.  Now there’s a much larger representation of African and Hispanic culture than when I was young, and (I think) a lesser participation by other ethnicities.  It’s a thing that has always fascinated me that during both the winter Folk Festival and during the summer ethnic festival season along the lakefront that there have always been more Caucasians participating than African-Americans.  To me — a privileged-white-guy — it has seemed as if part of the population is more interested in other cultures  but I’m sure that is biased by my own background. During the summer there are Irish, Polish, German, Gay, and other festivals,  as well as a single festival celebrating Black culture.

Well, I’m going to go and enjoy….  even if it IS cold outside.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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