If all that water had been snow…

Rain is beautiful. Even when the temps are cold and the skies overcast.  Without rain the plants would shrivel and the coming year’s crops would fail.  I love rain — pretty much any time.  I’m not so keen on cold, but that’s another story.

rain the battered umbrellaWe’re getting into Milwaukee November weather — having avoided it most of the month.  The higher than average temps have failed us.  Welcome to Wisconsin in late autumn.  The only saving grace is that the temps have been as high as they have — otherwise we’d be sitting here up to our bupkiss in snow!  We may yet get some Saturday (3″-5” in the forecast).

a little rain is easier to take than a blizzard like we had in 2011.

a little rain is easier to take than a blizzard like we had in 2011.

It’s good that we are having less than perfect weather — I really should be thankful for the cool and the wet.  Over breakfast this morning we were talking about how important it was for me (in particular) to have this time of waiting.  Had we not I would not have had time to process how my HOCM needs to affect my life and what I have to do differently.

I have often said that I’m socially obtuse — there are so many social clues that completely elude me.  And being such a results oriented individual I have also been known to completely overlook important changes in circumstance.  I just charge on in and get my ‘thing’ done and the heck with the consequences.  Until now.heavy rain 1

Now I’m told that charging on ahead is not advisable and slow and steady is better than gung-ho.  These are things I wasn’t wanting to hear.  They are things I wasn’t listening to.  Only in the past few days has it really sunk in that I need to actually CHANGE my life — I might have given lip service to that idea but for the first couple weeks I wasn’t really doing anything differentlyI was shaking my head yes but doing all the no-no’s.

It’s funny how realization dawns in the human brain!  For a smart guy I can take a long time to accept ideas I don’t want to accept.  I’m gradually accepting my new lot in life.  Had we been able to stick with our original plan I might very well have been doing things that could kill me.  Yup — this delay has been a good thing, even if I have been chomping at my bit.

Thanks for stopping by.  I know I’ve been a bit distracted lately.  I’ll get over that in time.  I’m sure that once we hit the road my attention will turn to RV’ing instead of health.  I look forward to chatting again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “If all that water had been snow…

  1. Last June my husband had heart surgery. I use the term surgery, but in this age of modern medicine the reality wasn’t invasive – a small incision into a vein on his inner thigh, threading an instrument along that vein to his heart, some laser magic directed at one of the valves, and home to rest the following day. In the year or so leading up to his surgery, doctors stopped and started his heart 4 times. He wasn’t allowed to exert himself and swallowed 3 separate meds a day.The ordeal was sobering and life changing.Slowly but surely he emerged from a cloud that shadowed every waking moment.What I’m trying to say is – waiting for snow is part of the process, a necessary element of redefining our priorities and limitations. The gloom is temporary and life shines brighter once it passes. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Notes. What a wonderful thing to take time to help me keep things in perspective.

      Yeah — that stopping and starting the heart thing — not such a fan of that — it’s just the idea. I know they do it every day, but just the idea gets to me.

      Then again, we all come to the medical table with our own experiences. My dad had the real kind of open heart surgery three times. 2X for bypasses and 1x for a valve replacement — all the surgeries went well, he recovered quickly from each, and that was that.

      But a dozen years or so ago Peg’s dad had bypass surgery — the 4-5 hour kind — and after almost 11 hours the doctor came out and the first words out of his mouth — literally — were “I had a rough day.” 12 weeks later a very vibrant and alive guy was gone.

      You just never know. I’m a firm believer in overruling Providence, and personally I trust that the God whom I serve is able to keep that which I have committed unto him until the last day. But the very nature of faith is that the times we need it most are the times we might be least inclined to show it.

      I’m not in any big hurry to leave this earth. There are a lot of things I’d like to. But I also have had a great life and I live without regret. And pretty much intend to keep doing that. And you’re right — these times of waiting and watching and learning to accommodate the changes in our lives are important. We can’t be going 100% power 100% of the time. I’m thankful for the times I have to wait — though maybe not at that moment. And I’m thankful for good friends to share the burden and lift me up from time to time.

      > >

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