Saturday Celebration

Friday I had my post-discharge follow-up.  We did anEKG and an abbreviated Echocardiogram and then the meeting with the doctor and his team.  You can’t imagine how good it felt to have the doctor tell me that my reclining echo showed no obstruction at all, and the standing echo showed more than 50% reduction in my obstruction — just by using meds.  clean-bill-of-health-doctor-giving-the-thumbs-upNeedless to say the doc was happy and I was ecstatic!

I’ll do one more follow-up visit on December 3 and then we should be good to leave town — though we probably won’t head south till the 15th.

We would have gone out Friday night to celebrate but I had fish defrosting on the drain board and the wind was howling so we snuggled up in the coach instead, knowing that Kathryn would be over on Saturday and we’d have a good time with her.

Saturday morning dawned with freezing temps and clear skies — and I was hungering for home made coffee cake.  One of these days I’ll share the recipe for Muffin-Method Coffee Cake that I make (it’s out of the 1960’s version of Joy of Cooking).

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Coffee Cake

It’s a recipe I’ve been making for us ever since Katy was young and as simple as it is, it’s always special for us.  Of course Edna Rombauer wants you to have all the ingredients at 75º and I have never managed to do that — I don’t live in 75º temps.  Besides, with the outside temp at 28º and the jars I keep my flour in sitting next to the wall of the coach the ingredient temps were definitely lower than they should be. It’s funny,  the recipe says the cake will be done in 20 minutes @ 350º — I have never had this recipe cook in 20 minutes!!!!  Usually it takes something closer to 35 minutes — but I know to expect a longer cooking time.

Anyway…  I was looking at the new Micro/Convection over the other day and noticed that there are two settings I never saw or used on the old one.  It’s a setting that combines the convection oven with partial power on the microwave — and I decided to try using that setting for my coffee cake.  Given two options, one using 10% microwave power and one using 30% microwave power I decided to try the lower setting first.  I’m not sure how much the 10% power level sped up the bake time but it ended up as a great way to start the day.

Breakfast done,  it was a good day to go shopping with Katy.  Mom and daughter haven’t had much together time so once I got them into a store they wanted to scope out I left them alone to shop together and I hung out in the mall.Cafe Hollander - Tosa

red pepper pickles

pickled red bell peppers

After we emptied out the mall it was time for a quick bite and we ended up at Cafe Hollander — which is not our usual kind of joint.  This place is always busy, which surprises me a little. Of course it’s one place you can get beer with breakfast — they have an enormous selection of beer — draught, bottles and even cans.  Their beer selection is documented in a little book that arrives at your table like most restaurants would feature for their wine list!  Anyway… the long note about the restaurant is all about a small feature found within the “Breakfast Mac & Cheese” that I ordered.  I’ve never had sweet pickled red peppers before and they were really good — as in AMAZING!  Not the spicy pickles — just red bell peppers in a pickling liquid and I’m in love.  I have to learn how to make them — even if just as a quick pickle.

We had a wonderful rest of the day just being together.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Celebration

    1. Funny, at age 42 our daughter had her first ever Bloody Mary. Not my drink — think I have had one in my life, maybe two — but she’s still trying new things. 🙂


      1. I had my first when I was at a truck dealership’s open house (as a vendor) — disgusted me so much that I can’t actually remember ever having had the second — but knowing me I might have just to see if the original impression would change. And that was on a cold and blustery November saturday — in Marshfield WI — I guess the taste made an impression if I can remember the exact instance. !!!!!!

        > >

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  1. Yay…so glad your healthy enough they set you free!

    As I was scrolling through my reader to pickup where I last left off with you, I saw a recipe for Sour Cream Coffee Cake and thought…oh, yummy…my favorite! Must go back and get the recipe! 😀 Then when I read your post and saw it came out of a cookbook from the 60s I went 😀 😀 😀

    Sadly, I inadvertently left all my cookbooks in California when I moved to Florida. Since we moved in with Rick’s mum I didn’t unpack all the boxes for quite some time. Not until I had a craving to make something from one of my cookbooks. So I ordered the cookbook online, only to discover that it had been updated to today’s multi-cultural, vegetarian-ish recipes. All my old favorites were gone. I was severely disappointed. So, back to the computer, I search for vintage cookbooks. I think I found it but I haven’t ordered it yet. I have been able to pick up some other vintage cookbooks at garage sales, though. I tell you, that’s when you know you are old…when
    cookbooks no longer contain the majority of the dishes you eat. Though I am on a low card diet, your recipe made me happy enough to make up a batch sometime this weekend.


    1. ah yes,…. the updated cookbook. What an Atrocity. Not just The Joy of Cooking, but all of the ones they have done that too. It’s just like when you go to the resto and order pasta with “Alfredo Sauce” — there’s no such thing as Alfredo “Sauce” — Alfred joins the pasta in the pan when he’s created — in the moment — second before it arrives table side. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR!

      I got rid of my library — some 3000 volumes — when we downsized but I saved all the important cookbooks —and a few of them travel with me.

      I still cook the old-fashioned way. My maternal grandmother ate cream and fat and salted like a sailor and lived to 102 — it’s not the good stuff we eat that kills us it’s the chemicals and our stress that kill us.

      If it helps, I have 251mb of Wisconsin Electric Christmas time cookie books — if we get over to you I could put ‘em all on a USB drive and port them over to you! Lovely cookie recipes, yearly, going back to 1932!

      Yeah — it seems that a decade or so ago I saw stats that said that even then over 50% of the food budget of americans went to eating out. And people just don’t EAT the stuff I like, or prepared the way I like it. Which is why I prefer eating my own cooking. We still go out, but that’s more about being lazy, or having failed to plan (as in defrosting something) than wanting to eat out.

      Though … to be honest… I love ethnic food and I don’t have storage for all the spices, etc., to do that right… so we mostly do ethnic when we eat out.

      > >


      1. Oh, I love ethnic food! I just live with people who like the old style cooking and I have not been a regular cook for almost twenty years, a role that I am quickly becoming the majority cook. Without my old cookbooks, I was lost and had to rely on the internet to search for recipes that they might eat. They are NOT the experimental type so it’s been fun trying to guess what whey they had their green beans, etc. cooked…and they don’t share what they DO like, except Rick, he’s always good. My gauge is how quickly left overs get eaten. 😀

        Cookies!!! Every year my grandmother would send us a shirt box full of home-made cookies for the holidays. I loved receiving that box! There would be a variety of cookies and they were so yummy.

        I wanted to continue the tradition and for a couple of years I did but I used recipes that I could find that seemed similar or I adjusted to the receiver’s taste – chocolate lover, no nuts, etc.

        A couple of years ago, when I sent a batch to my aunt and dad, he made the comment that he didn’t know why I bothered to make them because he couldn’t eat them and had to just give them away and I knew my aunt shouldn’t eat them but would…because she had a sweet tooth. Although it hurt my feelings, I had to re-evaluate who I was doing it for…me or them. The folks at our house didn’t need them either…too many unhealthy and extremely overweight people with poor impulse control…that already were loaded up with candy and baked goods. My daughter was overweight and trying to diet and her son didn’t need a box full of sugar.

        So, I stopped doing it because I felt guilty about contributing to someone else’s poor health. And, just last year I found out that my sister has all of my grandmother’s cookbooks and recipes. She probably has the ones my grandmother made for us when we were kids. What a horrible time to gain a conscience.


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