Never Lock Yourself Out of Your RV!

Wednesday dawned with a slightly warmer glow — it was all of 40º when I hauled out of bed.  Hooray!  But when I saw the young woman, our neighbor to the North, outside in her bare feet letting their St. Bernard out for a walk I shivered.

20 minutes or so later, when I saw her still outside messing with one of the windows I got suspicious.

But another 10 minutes later when she was still outside and her cheeks looking mighty pink I slide open the window and inquired whether everything was all right.  In point of fact things were not  all right. She’d locker herself and her dog out in the cold.RV door lock

What to do. A young couple — barely into their new life together and in their early 20’s.  She doesn’t work and stays home all day.  He’s an apprentice electrician working job sites in the Milwaukee are.  They hardly have two nickels to rub together and this morning he took off to work with the keys to the car and the travel trailer in his pickup.

It didn’t take long to invite her inside, give her something to put on her feet and a sweatshirt to keep her warm. We lent her our phone to call the boyfriend — but no answer (later we discovered he left his phone in his pickup and took off for the day of work in the company truck).  Eventually we settled on a plan to drive 8 miles up to the boyfriend’s work where we would collect the missing keys and open the door.

Except, it seems, the boyfriend didn’t take the keys with him — as we learned after driving another 10 miles  to the day’s job site.  So, back to the RV park to try some less simple ways of getting in.  After knocking on a few doors we found a home schooled 15 year old who was small enough to squeeze through a cargo bay, unbolt a piece of plywood, and squeeze through into the bedroom of the RV to unlock the door from the inside.  Whew!  I can feel my sides scraping on the wood just talking about it.  Oh for the days when I was that size again.

At long last she got inside her RV.  We went back to our lives, thankful for the life-lessons that have taught us to be careful about keys and have kept us from locking ourselves out in the cold for a long time.  But never take things for granted.  I think we’ll check for keys all the more carefully from now on.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “Never Lock Yourself Out of Your RV!

  1. I didn’t even know that was possible to lock yourself out, but I just tried it and it is! That has me rethinking our key strategy. We had been talking about getting a keypad at some point; I may want to move that up the list. None of our trunks access the inside of the fiver, Peter.


    1. We found out the hard way in Journey, it’s possible. I had to pull a picnic table over to the side of the coach and wriggle through the lounge window to get inside! That would not be so simple in Serendipity!

      I have thought about a keypad but never seriously looked into them. Not for price or installation. Let me know if you decide to do something. I might follow suit. We have one of those internal multipoint locks so not sure how that would work.

      > >

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  2. Glad you finally went out to check. I would have knocked on your door but I’m not sure I would have done that back when I was so young. I’d forgotten how timid I used to be until this reminded me.


    1. Linda,

      Ya know, I try not to be a busy body and stick my nose in neighbors lives. We only saw here a few minutes at a time. We’re on her curbside — so that’s not where here door is, and she only came into view every so often. We have seen her come out with the dog, go in, come out, go in again all in a few minutes — so it wasn’t easy being sure that she hadn’t been going back inside — except for the red face and the shivering.

      Timid — that’s a good word for her. She was afraid to go up to her boyfriend on his job site. Didn’t want to get him in trouble. Poor kid.

      But, it’s all over and done with — Hope she got a spare made.

      > >


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