Wait, Hurry Up, Wait, Repeat

Ok, so I’m laying in bed Thursday morning.  Peggy had already arisen and I’m trying desperately to catch a few extra Z’s in spite of a racing mind.  I hear voices outside the coach, and a knock on the door. I’m up.  No sense lying there any longer.

“We’re turning off the water,” I hear.

Surprise to us I think. We’re paid up for a couple more days and nothing was said about water being turned off.

I’m about to pull on some trousers to make the walk over to the office and my phone rings.  It’s the specialists PA and she says they’re trying to get me into the hospital for my drug uptake — like today.  But at the moment there’s no bed for me, so just hold tight until you get a call I’m told…

When it rains it pours. So, move all those things we have to move before starting up the coach and moving.  Drop the satellite dish.  Remember that you can’t retract the slides if the engine is running so pull in the slides first, then crank up the engine and inflate the airbags, then retract the leveling jacks.  Disconnect the water and sewer lines.  Disconnect the power from the power pedestal. Find out what site to move to.  And then move… before the phone rings again saying I should come to the hospital.


Reconnect the power.  Level the coach.  Turn on the satellite dish.  Extend the slides.  Hook up the water and sewer. Put back all the things we move out of place for transport to the places they live when we are settled into a campsite.  And then…


I really think I need to unlearn a life-long habit.  I have always gone from idle to full power in an instant.  I’ve always taken things seriously, and that included time and schedules and import. If I’m going to learn a less stressful way of living — without which I’ll never learn not to do strenuous activities — I’m going to have to completely change my way of thinking.  And I’m wondering just how to do that.

I10 to zen don’t know.  If I want to live a long and active life I need to think differently.  How to do that is a bigger question than I might have wanted to think 48 hours ago.  I’ve had time to think about Tuesday’s meeting with the doctor.  A few thoughts have been sinking in through the armor we all carry about with us.  That’s good. I need to make some adjustments.  I can do that.  I think.  I just have to figure out how. And, it’s possible that during the uptake stay we may discover more about my condition that we know now — after all I’ll be hooked up to monitors and having mutliple EKG’s over the stay — so what we know now will be augmented by what we are about to learn.  It’s probably good that I keep my brain flexible about ideas and plans and how I live my life — not negative — heck no!  But positive and flexible — willing to adjust as needed to optimize what already is.

I’m thinking about a blogger friend Linda Sand who had her own health concerns and took what seemed at the time a rather radical step of using an in-residence program to learn all over again how to live with certain limitations.  I don’t think I’m in the same place but I have come to admire her straight ahead approach to dealing with life’s changes.  I’m hoping I can be just as direct — even if the solution is different.  Circumstances change but determination can be very similar.  It’s good to take encouragement, inspiration even, from those around you.

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s always nice to talk to friends, and I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Wait, Hurry Up, Wait, Repeat

  1. I think the main thing I learned in that program is that things that are fairly easy in a restricted but supportive environment are much harder out in the world. Good thing you are more determined than I am.


    1. My blog is a day or two ahead, and things are doing quite well. BTW — had several tests of my Magnesium and I’m right in the middle of the normal range. So, happy with that.


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