getting in a couple more short road trips

A couple more quick day trips seemed like a good way to break the monotony of waiting and we’re having a great time.  The non-rainy days have been bright and inviting so Friday found us out and about again.Retzer NC

We found a new Nature preserve — the Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha.  There’s a brand spanking new Climate interpretive center that is a magnet for school trips.  Other than kids, we didn’t see much by way of visitors — I think the rest of Waukesha has yet to discover it.  Or maybe visiting in the middle of an autumn week isn’t peak visitation time! 🙂

file photo from when the leaves were green. :-)

file photo from when the leaves were green. 🙂

The further we got from Milwaukee the hazier it got so that by the time we arrived in Lake Geneva it was actually FOGGY over the lake.  We don’t often visit Lake Geneva — it’s always been more of a Chicagoan’s pseudo posh weekend getaway than a big Wisconsinite destination but there are some nice shops and a few cute restaurants.  And don’t forget you can take a tour of the lake on the boat that delivers mail to the cottages and mansions along the shore.  (Well, you can do that during the tourist season which this was not!)

kegelsinn_fullsize_story4Come evening time had reservations in Milwaukee to have dinner at a cute old German resto that we’ve never actually patronized before. Mostly it was time to spend with Kathryn and Michael — getting in those last minute family hours before we head out for the winter/year. Kegel’s Inn has been around since the 1920’s when it was a Speakeasy!  100 years later they are still serving up wonderful old German fare as well as top notch Friday Fish Fries — a Milwaukee staple.  For a smallish neighborhood establishment this place packs ‘em in — without a reservation on Friday night we’d have been waiting a long, long time. for a table.  We all skipped the fish and went straight for the classics:  Sauerbraten, and Goulash and Veal Cutlets.  Yum Oh!

With rain in the forecast for Saturday I’m saving my bill paying and paperwork for a day without inviting adventures!

On the planning for departure front I’m being a little old woman. (no offense intended towards little old women) I have done the I-65 to I-75 route so man times in my life that I am completely uninspired by that route and I’m having a hard time deciding on a better (for us) alternative.  The problem being there really aren’t ’better’ routes — just different ones.  But it’s a chance to sit at my desk, stare at the screen, and think curious thoughts.  Like why did the guy with the 43’ Country Coach and the 25’ long enclosed trailer move from his spot in an assigned site yesterday, park immediately behind us blocking the road, and then run his aqua-hot all night long.  If he’d been where he should have been we would not have heard a thing.  As it was we did…. hear something… all night long…  I haven’t complained about much lately so using this as an excuse just to see how it feels to complain. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s Saturday and I’ve been told I’m making sausages and pancakes for our daughter who is on the way over for breakfast with us.  Yea!  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.

[written a couple days ago]


4 thoughts on “getting in a couple more short road trips

  1. Wow…that bar at Kegel’s is a spittin’ image of the one in Zehnders in Frankenmuth, Peter! Man, it takes me back to the time we were in northern WI at a Friday fish fry, sucking down Lienies….great stuff, indeed.

    The mailboat interests me. Sounds like a replica Racine boat. I guess there is an original on Lake Geneva that was converted to diesel. I’d love to find a triple expansion steamer in use again, similar to the Bob-lo steamers that used to ply the Detroit River. They had an open top to the engine room where you could look over the interior rail from above and watch them churn away…similar to the engine room scenes from the movie Titanic. I can still smell that oil and steam smell today, and the last time I saw them in action was 1976. Great, great memories,


    1. Ok, now you’re pushing me. I have been at Zehnders but I can’t for the life of me remember what the bar looked like. Then again I get it was 35 years ago because I know Kathryn was with us and she was just a LITTLE tyke! 🙂

      I’m not sure I ever met a Friday Fish Fry I didn’t like (well, actually I have — if they are too greazy! It’s amazing how many different ways there are to fry fish. As long as it’s not a heavy batter I’m in up to my elbows.

      I am quite sure that because of the passenger carrying combined with the mail service that the power plant is going to be modern and up to snuff. Seems there are regulations for so many things. I kind of remember the Bob-lo steamers — our church used to have conferences in De-Troit back in the day and that was a side trip. Ya know, I love boats but I get seasick easily. Go Figure. We always wanted to get a sailboat — in fact we had a 24’ hunter picked out when Katy was young, had the check partially made out, and changed our mind at the last minute — probably the best thing I ever did. As I have lived longer I have realized that having a big enough boat that I had to find moorage for it and it wasn’t a pop-it-in-the-water-and-go sort of thing that we never would have been happy going to the same place over and over and over. We like diversity too much. Now I just take pictures of them and keep my feet on dry land.

      You’ve got us thinking about bikes though… this latest health issue might make biking a preferred exercise. Have to see what happens. Peggy loves walking and she hates biking with traffic — but we aren’t usually in places with much traffic now…. so who knows. Either way I need to be good about getting regular controlled exercise.

      > >


      1. Go on I signed up (username and password), but didn’t join ($18). I am able to access maps, as a result. Rail trails are the best for us geezers, as there isn’t a lot of steep grades. Enjoy perusing that one!

        I really think you’d enjoy a trike, but hauling them is a challenge. I know Jodee and Bill (On The Road Abode) have a nice rack for their Jeep that would work well, even though it looks scary. I can PM you a pic and the details, if you are interested.


      2. If we do something it will probably be months rather than days. but I’ll check out . Talking Peg into a bike will take more time. She’s a sweetie but she doesn’t like anything complicated — and anything more than FEET are complicated as far as she is concerned. 🙂

        > >

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