Be Specific, Plan Ahead, Don’t Assume

The second-best boss I ever had was a guy named Larry Hoffman.  A military man he approached everything in an efficient and proficient manner.  And the best thing he ever taught me wast his little mantra:

be specific, plan ahead, don’t assume

I cannot tell you how many problems, heart aches and disappointments these three admonitions have saved me.  Nor can I underestimate how many people have gotten thoroughly pissed at me for trying to live them.  There’s so much fuzzy thinking out there that trying to be specific, plan ahead, and avoid assumptions has been viewed by some as downright un-american.  But, it’s my life, not theirs and my three little rules serve me just fine.

Applying them to the RV life is like putting a little ‘English’ on a ball… They seem not to apply straight on to a lifestyle that’s subject to uncertainty and change.  But ‘planning ahead’ can mean allowing for change or uncertainty.  Being specific certainly does apply when it comes to planning routes in a big rig, it also applies when considering that a campground has or does not have sites long enough for your rig, or can’t face you into the East (or whatever special preferences you might have).  Being specific applies to making sure that what you need will be available and that’s appropriate all the time.  And ignoring that “old kicker”, don’t assume has gotten more people into trouble than than you can shake a stick at.  Assumptions are killers in an RV — from assuming that you’re legal on a private road, to assuming that there are no overhanging tree branches just because you’re in a campground — making assumptions from behind the RV steering wheel can get you killed right quickly.

Better to act BEFORE that happens.

Better to act BEFORE that happens.

Personally I find no contradiction in living an Unscripted Life and planning ahead.  If you’ve followed me at all you know that even when we have a plan it’s always set in Jello.  Our plans are as flexible as we choose to make them.

So, there you have it.  If I had to give credit to anything for making the RV life as easy as possible for us, I would credit these three criteria.  If I had to give credit to anything for keeping us out of trouble, I would credit these three criteria.  If I had to credit anything for making this RV life a lot of fun it would be these three criteria.  You don’t have to be as adamant as I am in my personal life about applying them;  but applying them every day, in every way will change your life.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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