Chasing down the UPS man

transportation upsI thought that the phone calls to Amazon Prime had solved our screwed up UPS shipments. I guess I’m a wishful thinker because we spent half the day Friday chasing around from one customer service center to another. The funny part about it is that there is an Amazon fulfillment center in Kenosha — fewer miles by car than we drove around Milwaukee trying to make all our pickups. The good part of the day is that the skies were clear and we had a nice day for a drive. UPS truck

I learned something new about UPS in the process.   There is a feature called UPS My Choice®,  that I had signed up for the service (no charge) some time ago but never spent time investigating it.  The service gives you the ability to set what UPS calls a “UPS ACCESS POINT” as a semi-permanent delivery point for shipments.  Some months ago our Grand-Kid had been having problems because UPS refused to leave a package requiring a signature at her door — using this kind of service she could have had the package delivered to an ‘Access Point’ from which she could collect the package using a photo ID. You can also pre-sign for a package, re-route it to a different destination and get text updates on the shipment progress.  I’m glad to know about the service and I’m sure I’ll use it more regularly in the future.

This service might be nice for people who live in one place all the time — but for full timers like ourselves it’s a nice solution to worrying about mailing addresses.  We have a shipment of meds due shortly after we are scheduled to arrive at our new gig and this offers an alternative to finding a USPS mailing address in a few days!

I do wonder, sometimes, when I’m talking to one of these offshore phone centers how they handle some of the calls they get.  The CSR for Amazon Prime put me on hold to talk with UPS.  I wonder how often offshore phone centers end up talking with offshore phone centers and what language they communicate in?  Just one of those bizarre thoughts that cross one’s mind when listening to Muzak music.  (Do you remember MUZAK?  The company that specialized in elevator music.)

I’m still waiting on confirmation from the Forest Service about our pending gig.  We had our phone interview with a nice sounding young woman whom I’m quite sure does not normally do phone interviews and probably isn’t long on the job at that forest.  There were numerous details about where we will be domiciled and what facilities are included — we’re trying to get that ironed out before heading South.  Considering how quickly they followed up to get us interested, it’s taking longer to verify statements made to us.

Now, with a definite destination in mind, route planning is a little easier — point A to point B with a couple options about how quickly we want to make the trip and which major cities we want to avoid.  I’ll share that too when the muddied water clears.


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