Package, package, where’s the package

With or without any doctor voicing the words, we are shooting to leave Milwaukee around the 5th or 6th of November.  As far as I know my last tests and doctor’s appointment is on the 3rd.  No one has suggested that this final appointment will result in any immediate further treatment so we are moving forward with plans until such time as we are forced to change it.

It looks like we have a new gig.  There are a couple details we are trying to clarify so I’ll hold off sharing details for a few days but we had a good interview today and unless there was misunderstanding on our part about any of the details we are IN.  The gig will last from about Mid November to Mid April.  Perfect for our needs.

Even though we were sort of looking forward to goofing off for a while, my medical conversations have convinced me that the best thing I can do for myself is to get myself something a little more active to do so that I can drop some weight.  Seeing as it looks like I’m going to need surgery at some future date it would be smart if I lost some weight and get myself into a better pre-op condition.

On the more immediate front, we spent most of the day dealing with Amazon and UPS.  We placed a 4 shipment order and for some reason the address we gave is being considered undeliverable.  With four separate shipments all setting off  bells we’ve spent most of the day trying to get each shipment sorted out.  The trick will be to see if they get it right over the next three days.  Remind me to check my delivery address better next time….. sigh.


The trees are calling us and I can’t wait to get back into the world of green trees and critters.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Package, package, where’s the package

  1. We buy a lot of stuff from amazon and typically they have been spot on with shipping, but there was that time. Yep we bought an electric lawn mower, (we have their credit card so free shipping), after the delivery date came and went we started calling, oh so sorry we will ship another, which arrived almost overnight. I still want to know where a 100 pound plus lawn mower went, bet someone was very happy with it!

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    1. We have done a lot of purchasing through Amazon and have had very few problems — this one, though, was the exception that proves the rule. 🙂

      It was partly my fault — I realize that. But getting the confusion corrected – That was not easy.

      A few months ago we ordered our replacement Microwave/Convection oven. We have it — and yet the Amazon order is still showing “undeliverable” for some reason. Wonder if I could get another microwaved shipped out? 🙂 Just kidding.

      > >


  2. Just got back from our weekend in Kalamazoo, Peter.

    I can’t say enough about going into a surgery in ‘fighting’ condition. I did it in 2010 for my prostate surgery, and I bounced back quickly. You will thank yourself afterwards! 🙂


    1. Jim,

      Appreciate the words. Weight I have struggled with all my life but this may be enough of a reason for me to actually DO something about it.

      There was a time — 20 years ago when I dropped some 80 pounds and over 20 years gained it all back. I’m having success so far — 10 down but a long, long way to go.

      It can only help, and if I don’t I run the risk of becoming a bad surgical risk.


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