Taking advantage of those last autumn days

Sunday was nearly perfect.  It surely was no day to stay in the house.  2015101113014920

So, out we got and enjoyed every minute of it.  We started out at Wehr Nature Center — our favorite for trees and birds and quiet.  Then we headed over to the lakefront for a mosey along the marina just to enjoy the water and watch the sailboats which were having a great time with a decent (18 mph) breeze blowing.


I’m a little too far away for you to see the kites clearly, but this open field is the frequent home of kite festivals and kite flying competitions.

I’m not sure how colorful the autumn foliage will be this year.  With drought conditions during the peak of summer an awful lot of the trees here have gone straight from green to ugly brown.  But color alone has nothing to do with how much you can enjoy the autumn; specially if you are one of us who grew up with long cold winters and can remember the supreme joy of those last few days of warm weather.2015101112534719

I just love these days when the air is cool, the sky is clear and there we can see the geese flocking for their trip South.

I love people watching.  The lakefront/marina area is perfect for that: walkers, sitter, runners, and even the occasional retro-rollerblader.  The Milwaukee Community Sailing Center sits on the sheltered side of the marina so we can watch students coming and going from the Sailing Center, doing their best to learn how to sail.  There are also the experts out to enjoy the afternoon.  The marina has the usual mix of sail and power boats;  a couple luxury cruisers are usually docked in the marina and once in a while we even get to see one of those luxe ships actually underway — not very often mind you — but it seems they do occasionally move!

We’re hopeful to get out of town later this week.  We’ll have almost 4 full days between my chiro appointment and Mike’s birthday. We’re hoping that the leaves won’t fall and that we can drive over to the Aldo Leopold Center in Baraboo, spend some time there, overnight, and check the Fall Color Report early Thursday morning — planning a three day route from there when we see the state of the leaves. So far the forecast is looking doable.  If the rain stays away I won’t even mind clouds. Fingers crossed. 2015101112492215Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to talking with you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Taking advantage of those last autumn days

    1. It was. We had hoped to get away this half of the week for a quick trip to N. WI and back but we’ve gotten caught up in reality and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Should be pretty here next 2 days. I’m hoping that maybe we’ll get to enjoy the more colorful part of autumn as we travel south, assuming we still get to do that. The doc has me going in for a CTA next week and wants me to see another cardiac specialist before we head out of town. Right now we are still optimistic, but time will tell.

      > >

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      1. Late Sunday and early Monday are supposed to be sunny here. If our leaves don’t blow away before then, we should have quite a show. My camera is ready and waiting! I ran some errands in Traverse City yesterday, and the hillsides were really pretty. Diana had to run to Grand Rapids for the day, and she had great color all the way, also. She was even treated to a double rainbow on the way home.

        Hope the cardio doc comes back with good news for you and a go-ahead to skedaddle. We had ice pellets here last night, and I’m pretty sure I just saw some stray snowflakes out the window!

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      2. We have a freeze warning out tonight so that will accelerate the colors. Many of the leaves in the MKE area have blown down before changing but I BELIEVE that further north they were spared so maybe we’ll get to see something.
        Ya know, I’ve been healthy all my life. I know what my condition is, and we’re on the borderline and need monitoring for change, but it’s the 10th leading cause of death in men 55-77 so it’s nothing to be laughed at. I think I’ll get a little more rigorous about trying to lighten the load I’m carrying, and use every day the best I can — which I try to do anyway. There are no guarantees; and I’ve already outlived people I grew up with, so who am I to complain. And I’ve no regrets about the life I’ve lived so even if something happened in 10 minutes I’m ready to meet my Maker. (Not that I’m in any hurry to do so! ) 🙂


  1. Our local parks turn off their water October 15th. Today is the 16th and we have a freeze warning for tonight. Cutting it close this year.


    1. Linda — Parks here turn off water Sept. 30, or Oct. 15, or Oct.31 — just depending on which park and what kind of park. I know the one we stayed in last year this time has already turned it off at the beginning of the month, and Cliffside did so 2 days ago — on the 15th. The State Fair Park is open with water year round but you do need to take precautions for your water supply (wrapping with insulation).


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