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Progress: it feels good

2014040213241327-40PLQAfter a year and a half I think we can safely say that we’re finally getting Serendipity (our current coach) to the point that we have most of it the way we want it, instead of the other way around, with most of it needing tweaking in some way or another.  The flip-flop has been a long time coming but it’s the way we do things:  live with something for a while before jumping to conclusions about what needs changing.  Then handle upgrades or changes as needed — when you really know how you live with that thing.

In the last month and a half I’ve added new hardware, new storage, rearranged a lot of things and gradually been turning Serendipity into a coach that was easier to live with.  None of the changes mean we bought the wrong coach — they are pretty much all trying to find the right place for things that we had grown accustomed to being in different places in our previous coach.

The office is done — as you can see from the feature photo.  This week I added a couple lightweight storage bins — I’m tired of having cords hanging from all the cabinets.  The hard drives are mounted and accessible. The graphics tablet is usable.  I’m happy.20151013115622022015101210271611

While I was happily working in the office Peggy has been staring at the corner of the lounge wondering how to make THAT area more usable.  During one of our shopping forays she found a set of drawers and a nice matching basket and now the corner table deftly hides a few pillows and throws while the drawers will do a nice job of hiding a few papers and cords and what-nots.  Hoorah for Progress!


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  1. Jan Moulder says:

    Greetings Peter! I’m sure enjoying your posts, particularly the ones about settling into your rig. We will be moving into our new/old 2004 Endeavor next week. I’m excited and leary as I know what we will have to go through to make it work for us. I’m not looking forward to the
    ‘getting to know you’ stage. I appreciated your comment about taking your time and living with it for a while. I will have to find some patience somewhere! Thanks for your wisdom!!!


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    • Jan,

      Welcome aboard our Life Unscripted! Thanks for chiming it. It’s good to know that other enjoy our mental meanderings!

      If you’ll excuse me for repeating again my oft repeated phrase: There’s no right way to RV; and that includes how a person, or a couple, or a family adjust from their former life to living in an RV — or how they adjust their RV to serve them optimally.

      What I have seen is that a larger number of folks than I would ever have guessed move too quickly about major decisions and too often end up with irreversible consequences.

      I think it’s sort of ’natural’ — many of us go from hard work to retirement and when we hit the road in our RV we haven’t necessarily completed the adjustment from work-life to retirement. I know that we, and many of our friends gradually get to a point where our retirement is a very different life than our former selves and moving too quickly can result in our making decisions as if we were still workers— and not retirees.

      If you come across good ideas you’d like to share — please join in the conversation and chime in via comment.


      Peter & Peggy


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