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Man, I’ve got the itch something terrible093360800!  The insignificant act of trip planning has me wanting to get out where there are fewer internal combustion engines and more feathers.

The scene at Bosque on a brisk winter’s morning.

The scene at Bosque on a brisk winter’s morning.

So I thought I’d put up a few shots from one of my previous trips to Bosque del Apache NWR.

Sandhills with their feet in a frozen over pond.

Sandhills with their feet in a frozen over pond.

It’s not just Sandhill Cranes that you’ll find there.  There are literally hundreds of species that frequent the marsh at one time or the other during the year.  The largest numbers come for the winter and the Fish & Game service actually raise crops to feed them — and to help keep them off of neighboring farmer’s fields.

Sandhills, Canada Geese, Snow Geese, eagles, owls, and a good number of other birds I often associate more with Northern climes than New Mexico are all to be found — in greater or lesser abundance.  Some species (in a good year) can total into 20,000-30,000 birds, others in the single digits — but it is fun to see what you might see on any given day.

093360618The numbers vary greatly from year to year.  This is, after all, a refuge for the birds, but the birds are free to take their refuge wherever they want — and I have been there when the birds have simply chosen to BE at some other place — in vast numbers — like the farmer’s field a few miles away.  But that rarely dampens the spirits of the hardy photographers who are up before sun-up and back in the afternoon around sundown to watch the morning Fly-Out and the afternoon Fly-In.

093350369Whether huddled together in masses or taking wing these birds just do something to me that I find hard to explain.

093360889Sometimes you’ll see the local coyote093361210 watching for an easy breakfast, other times it may be the pure joy of watching them taking off, or flying in unison.  It’s just a magical place that I find soothing to my soul.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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