A guy my size…

I spent more of Sunday flat on my back, underneath the desk,  reaching up into the air than I would like to admit.  A guy my size is not designed to contort into the shapes I was trying to occupy.  Grrrrrrr.  But I got part of my objective accomplished:  The table /desk extension for my graphics table is in place. IMG_1454

If there is one thing about full time RV’ing that I will admit is a drawback, that one thing is the lack of adequate tools.  I had all the tools I needed before downsizing, but since doing so I have seemed as if I have been in a perpetual state of needing some hand or power tool.  That has been perception not reality, but perceptions are powerful things.

However, I do believe I burnt out a rechargeable drill yesterday.  Not one I purchased — the DISH installer left his behind when he installed our DISH in Florence and never came back to get it.  I know the battery is charged but the spindle doesn’t turn any more.  I have another rechargeable drill that I own — which didn’t have enough battery power to complete the job after just being taken off the charger.  I swear, when it comes to projects I’m a wreck.

None of which is complaining…. I’m happy to have my larger desk space. And if I’m unhappy being the size I am, or as cumbersome as I am I can always do something about it – like lose a little weight which would be good for me too.

Monday is filled with appointments.

Tuesday the car is being worked on.

And the next two weeks we have Monday and Wednesday appointments each week, so even though we might choose to get out of time for a couple short trips we may be stuck in town.


I bet you can tell I’ve been thinking a lot about Bosque lately.  A lone Sandhill Crane;  I’m wanting to get out there and be at one with him.  The trip to Horicon got my travel juices flowing; but more importantly the yearning to be out in the fresh air and away from the sounds of the city. I’m ready to be out of the city sooner than it’s going to happen.

On the incomplete projects list I have yet to mount those backup drives.  I swear I can be such a little wimp when it comes to some decisions.  I keep hoping that by setting them into one position or another that I’ll find a place where they seem to belong.  I’ve tried half a dozen spots — all within reach of a 3 foot ethernet cable — and nothing has been quite right: on the table, on the bench, on the wall, on another wall, vertically, horizontally,  The problem, of course, is the compactness of the coach. And, the fact that much of the coach is made from some version of particleboard and the visible surface often doesn’t exist as anything other than a vinyl veneer which can peel (delaminate)  if exposed to excessive pull.  Let’s not forget, while we are at it, that I’m left handed and I do everything backwards — so what might seem a natural location to a righty might be very much the wrong place for us lefties.

There are several places where my brain has thought they would fit nicely — and then it turns out that the space is an inch or two too small.  It’s all an annoying bother.  My old desk at home was 42” by 84” and I had more than enough ‘real estate’ to fit whatever I wanted.  If I gave up computing I’d be just fine. 🙂  (not likely to happen though).

One of these days I’ll be sitting there and suddenly the perfect place will appear! I know it.  That’s what usually happens. I need to marinade on it for a while.

My favorite reads in college were anything by Edward T Hall.  The whole realm of cultural sociology just synced with the way I thought.  And among the thoughts that sunk in and still haunts me today is the way that the language of the SW Native Americans he worked among there was no word for future time.  Things happened when they happened and there was no concept of ‘planning’ a meeting.  That often seems to be the way my brain functions.  I’ll think about something off and on again for days or weeks and suddenly there’s a solution.  I may not appear to be doing anything during that time — but when it happens it happens and that’s all that matters.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “A guy my size…

  1. I can see a new cordless in your future. That is probably the most important tool I carry, Peter.

    When we were on the Leelanau Trail this week, we came upon 5 Sandhills cranes in a nearby field. According to our neighbor, they frequent that spot.

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    1. Sandhills are such a curious bird. While there are those ‘typical’ places they like to frequent Peg & I see them in fields and trees where you wouldn’t normally expect. Seeing them by the 10,000 and 20,000 at Bosque though is unbelievable.

      I hear you about the cordless. I have notoriously bad luck with battery operated appliances. My dad actually had a medical reason for saying that — somehow his body seemed to draw current out of batteries, and he couldn’t even wear a battery operated wrist watch.

      On which note – my MiFi hot spot — a Verizon 6620 — up and quit yesterday. Seemed to have good battery, just won’t restart. Off to the Verizon store today after I get my car back from my SIL who is servicing it today. > >


  2. You made me smile when talking about tools. When I worked in aviation I had one small carry box that I would carry to the aircraft and that was all good. Once tools came home it has become a frustrating thing of where is that tool. My carry box still exists but aircraft tools are not home tools, Currently some tools are in the basement some in the garage, no inventory of what is where and then enter the kid who used that red handled hammer that I need and left it somewhere!!!! Jobs take three times as long just to accommodate for tool location!!



      I am getting a little better about where my tools are — only so much room in the coach to lose them and I have been getting almost obsessive about putting them back where they belong. HOWEVER — that does not compensate for all the tools we downsized and I don’t even have any longer. Or the fact that the shape of the places I need to get into seems to get increasingly less convenient and difficult.

      Still and all… there aren’t that many projects I need to do — not like owning a home. and most of the projects I undertake I can put off until I get to a place where I can find tools. In Oregon I had access to all the tools the Forest Service owned. In Milwaukee I have access to Micheal’s tools — even if they are 10 miles away and I forget which one I needed to pick up (until I get back to the coach and then I remember immediately). Some of the RV parks (which we don’t stay at) even have wood-shops for the residents — not that it does me any good that parks I don’t live in offer amenities that would be really nice to have…. sigh.

      All part of RV living and I’m not going to give up on RV living just because of a few little tool issues.

      > >

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