Playful Horicon

Friday was such a beautiful day and I didn’t want to work on projects in the coach so we headed out of town on a discovery mission.  The ‘goal’ was the Aldo Leopold Foundation in Baraboo Wisconsin — and typical of us we had a wonderful day — but never arrived at our destination.

Instead we ended up in Horicon Wisconsin at the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge and the Playful Goose RV park.  And after those two we took a drive past a property we almost purchased in the 80’s — in a small town (pop. 484) called Neshkoro WI.2012030207512864 20120302075128652015100214315412 2015100214330202The stop at Neshkoro was a bit of Deja Vu.  In the late 70’s or early 80’s I was traveling for Inland Diesel, a distributor for Detroit Diesel/Allison.  My travels took me through this area a lot and one day I noticed a for sale sign on an old mill — river side, next to a small dam.  The price was pretty reasonable for a building with light shining between the siding boards, no insulation, no heat, etc., etc., etc..

We made a trip here — both of us, on an evening we were supposed to be having dinner with a dear friend in Waukesha.  We dawdled so long that we were terribly late for dinner; and we lost a few nights sleep trying to decide whether this was a crazy enough gamble for us to take or not.

In the end, we decided not.  After we gave up on  it, it had been converted into a teen center for the small community.  Then it sat idle once again.  But as you can see the building has been rehabbed again.  It’s looking good and is home for a renewable energies firm!  What a great rebirth for a building that once took all its power from the wooden water-wheel attached to the side of the building.  Brought back a lot of memories.

And if you wonder where our daughter got her crazy ideas about remodeling old buildings, well, here’s part of the answer.

More about Horicon NWR and the Playful Goose tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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