Norcold Forever…. well, not exactly

You’ve heard that expression about being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea? We’ve sort of reached our RV version of the same — but we’re more than OK with it.

It seems that Home Depot can’t deliver our Whirlpool fridge in a timely fashion; so we decided to cancel the order. Since replacing the thermistor in the Norcold it has been humming away happily. That has been about 3 weeks ago and we haven’t seen so much as a glitch. It’s cooling colder than it ever has. It’s staying at a more constant temperature (and we’ve had some hot days this past month with the RV internal temp reaching the 80’s).

Norcold 1200Whether this is a ‘good’ decision we are not going to speculate. It’s what we’ve done. Without a reliable delivery forecast we can’t schedule an installation, and with the old unit working as designed we’re going to take our chances.  Maybe we can get another year out of her.  We’ll cross our fingers that we don’t have repeat failures. The cooling core is new, the thermistor is new — there are old circuit boards but we’re gonna see if this thing is finally going to do what it’s supposed to do.

We have talked a little about boondocking this winter. Not having practical experience  of how much benefit we get solely from solar power we agreed that we might as well see how it goes while we still have the advantage of the dual power.  The thermistor was a cheap repair and if that is all that we needed from the outset then shame on me for not changing it out earlier.   And we can always change it out at a later time.  If it fails while we are gone this winter we’ll deal with it however we must.

So much for a scripted plan…. Life Unscripted indeed.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Norcold Forever…. well, not exactly

    1. Could be Jim. I know it will be a while before we really have any confidence in the Norcold again — it’s let us down a number of times. But I’ll try to be forgiving! 🙂

      If not — you’re in for 40 lashes with a cooked spaghetti noodle!

      I’m at peace with the idea. We’ve given it plenty of time to burp. And nothing. So here’s hoping your right!

      > >


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