Stress & Passion

There are moments when stress & passion collide.

stress and passion

It’s like, “I care about keeping my food cold” so it should be passion, but “I’m sick and tired of worrying about this refrigerator” so it should be stress.  I saw this and could not help but think about our periodic Norcold issues.

Just thought I’d throw in a moment of levity there.

Life is slowly moving forward

We are about 1/2 way through our stay in Milwaukee.  The medical visits are dwindling and things are looking up.  I chucked one doctor.  My GP has stepped in and resolved what the jerky specialist couldn’t comprehend and we hope we have only 2 – 2-week-followups with the cardiologist for him to feel comfortable that the revised meds regimen is what it should be.

insuranceWe have either had our meetings or are about to with insurance and financial counsellors — so those fronts are taken care of.

Honda CR-VOur car will be serviced in a couple days — the appointment is made and a few parts ordered.  The CR-V had developed a suspension noise and it’s time to take good care of it, because it takes good care of us most of the time.

My website transition has morphed slightly in nature  —  no long explanations — but sometimes being a long time customer has some advantages and I hope I have found a good compromise.

Today I am pondering drilling holes in my wall.  I have yet to attach those new hard drives so that they are stationary during travel and I’m a bit of a wuss about where to put them.  I hate drilling holes in the wall!

Oh, and then there are also the awning pull-straps that need replacing.  I have them in hand; I picked up my step ladder from the kids so I have a way of getting  high enough in the air to make replace the torn straps.

We’re getting our chores all buttoned up, little by little.

I hope that next year we can get all our necessary stuff done in 1 month.  It’s nice to be near family, but aside from them there are no compelling reasons we want  to stay in a city for two months.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Stress & Passion

  1. So had you tried the command strips for your hard drive rather than drilling holes, or if its not going to be moved is there a mount in which you could use the gorilla glue, I have used both on the rv for numerous items, seems to be holding. Now if I can only get that darn bottom stove door to stay closed!!!!

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    1. Redfox — I have used command strips in the past when the drives were sitting on a shelf. I have custom alumni mounting brackets for the new Apple Time Machines that will allow me to mount the hard drives on the wall. Seeing as I often use them for wireless communications having them out of the corner will give me a little better reception (it’s fine even in the corner, but better is always good).
      My solution to the bottom stove door is — NO STOVE! 🙂


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