Learning Patience is Gonna Kill Me!

What do you call the Plan that follows Plan Z?  I feel as if we have gone all the way through the alphabet and we’re starting another series, perhaps Plan Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

What am I going on about?

On Friday morning, the day before our new residential refrigerator was to arrive we received a phone call from the Whirlpool warehouse advising us that the fridge was backordered and would not be delivered on September 19th.  The ”projected” new dated is October 15th!

Add to that our appointment with a new doctor today.  This was a referral by my GP to a new specialist I’d never used before.  After a brief interview during which he manifested a disinterest in listening, he insisted on a non-generic solution for my problem that may result in our being stuck here beyond our hoped for November second departure date.  He wants to try this med for 1 month before considering the more commonly prescribed generic for the same problem.  GRRRRR.  I hate it when you can see someone put on a false smile while they proceed with their agenda whilst not even listening to what you’re saying as a patient. The soonest I could get a followup with him was +4 weeks.

I have a followup appointment next week with the cardiologist and we’ll see his take on interactions.  In the meantime I’ll have plenty of opportunity to work on my patience.  GRRRRRRRR.

Of course this sort of thing comes part and parcel with RV’ing!  The ‘norm’ in the U.S. is to live in one house all year long. And pretty much everyone treats you as if you did live in one house all year long and being within commuting distance for appointments and such was no particular inconvenience.  If you want to go RV’ing you have to be prepared to be inconvenienced;  and your plans need to be flexible enough such that a doctor’s appointment can somehow fold into your planned ahead life.

When we were still at the Oregon Dunes part of my job as Volunteer Coordinator was to recruit new volunteers.  I first came to realize that there are RV’ers who plan out their volunteer gigs 18-24 months in advance.  I was trying to recruit for 5 months in the future and I was getting applications for people wanting to volunteer 17 months in the future.  At the time I scratched my head because even in our wildest dreams we know that nothing in the RV life is really that stable.  You may have problems with your RV, or your health, or a family emergency, or just change your mind — and meeting that next deadline, or failing to meet that next deadline because you are stuck waiting 6 weeks for a slot in the repair shop throws all manner of plans out the window;  cascading into other plans all over the place.2015091504564213

2015 has been for us to WAIT.  There have been (and the year is not yet over) at least 7 significant events that have kept us waiting in a place for one reason or another for periods from weeks to months.  A couple have been health related (like the sprained ankle); others have been RV related (like the Norcold),  one or two have been family related (trying to schedule various occurrences),  We have probably learned more about the real life of the RV’er this year than in any previous time. I have no great words of wisdom about the experience — it is what is it.  I have always stressed about that sort of thing; now is no different.  If we were living in sticks & bricks I would handle it the same way (I suspect — one never knows).

2015092011380260I do think that this year will impact our future plans in ways we might not have anticipated had 2015 been a life-goes-on-as-planned sort of year.  For example, the idea of planning back to back volunteer gigs may not be something we choose to do. If something goes awry you need time to deal with it.  And even 1 month between gigs can be way to short if (for example) you experience a failure on the road between two gigs and have to wait to get serviced.  It’s one thing to inconvenience yourself.  It’s quite a different thing to inconvenience an organization/campground/refuge.  And not one I’m fond of doing.  (blame it on my pride)

In the meantime — we continue waiting.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Learning Patience is Gonna Kill Me!

    1. I agree 100% — that still doesn’t mean I typically fall easily into someone else’s pace. if you know what I mean. I have been my own boss for so long that I’m not a great follower. It will come clear in time and all be over. 😃😃😃

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  1. My neurologist is like your consultant. He does look like he’s listening but he’s not hearing what I’m saying. He has not asked me about seizure activity since the 2nd visit even when I forget to say anything. Several times a year he has a guest in the room during the visit, but he never introduces him or says why he’s there. I guess he’s a student, but it would still be courteous to let me know. My visits last three minutes. Honestly, I’ve never timed them, but I highly doubt he’s in there a full five minutes. He’s a good doctor and there’s not a lot to pick from in our little town. A lot of my home health patients liked him.

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    1. Well, you see, there’s one difference between you and me. If I had a third party in the room when my doctor was talking with me the first thing I would do is ask: “Who is that and what are they doing here?” That’s YOUR time he’s selling. You have a right to know. And if as you say he hasn’t asked about something you are concerned about why don’t you ask him, “why don’t you ask about my seizures?” – I write myself notes in my smartphone, and in the past I have taken along a piece of paper with questions. If you are nervous about actually saying the words — give him the sheet of paper.


    2. In my case there are plenty of other people in the same practice, and other practices nearby — so I’m not dependent on a Dr. I don’t like. But I hear what you’re saying and not everyone lives in a doctor-rich-environment. (or is that a rich doctor environment.)


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