Scouting State Parks

In our spare time we’ve been scouting around local State Parks. Not only has it been some considerable years since we’ve been to some of them; they have also changed along the way and why not use some of our ‘downtime’ to see what the changes might mean for us as RV’ers.

Mauthe LakeFor example,  our favorite park used to be Mauthe Lake.  That was back in our tent camping days.  It turns out that there is a single site at that park long enough with electric to accommodate us.  Sadly — we won’t be camping at Mauthe very often.

1118_thumbnail-1024Then there is Harrington Beach State Park (right on Lake Michigan) — where I have never camped — because the 70 site campground never existed in the days when we were camping.  The campground was added in 2009 and it’s a lovely — mostly open to the sun — campground!

And of course there is what is now called Kohler-Andrea State Park but existed in my camping days as two separate entities:  Terry Andrae and Kohler State Parks.  The former has always had camping, the other is primarily devoted to preserving the dunes that exist there.  Now, with a combined facility it’s a choice plum for Eastern shoreline camping.

kohler-andrea beachThe fact that there are only 10 electric sites long enough for a 40 footer is a slight disadvantage.  But more of a negative for the two of us is the idea that most of those ten are what I call ‘roadside’ sites — along park road where you have two direction traffic running right alongside your RV.  Yes — it’s a place to camp, and the campground is a lovely place, but your’e right out there with the traffic, no seclusion, and way public.

We have other sights to see.  I hope to get out to the Aldo Leopold Center in Baraboo, and a variety of other locations.  But we’ll do our best to wedge those in between followup visits and days when the body isn’t all that happy about the chemical changes going on.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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