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We’re (Micro) Waved

Saturday was a productive day!

Time with Kathryn blossomed into a work session with Michael which resulted in a completed Microwave installation!  Cooking in the coach is hardly the same as cooking in a gourmet kitchen but at least we have returned to full cooking functionality once again.

tip the micro into place

Sharp makes the shipping container into an installation tool

micro attachment screws

Once the Micro is in place — hanging on the mounting bracket — two bolts fasten the oven to the mounting bracket.

Cabinet bolts

The installation instructions tell you to attach the micro to the overhead cabinet (if there is one) using screws provided.

It’s actually been a couple months since the stupid thing quit on us. Having it shipped to Milwaukee so that I’d have another set of arms to help out with the install was a good idea.  I know know a more about our coach than I did before.

It’s amazing to me how simple things can be; and also how complicated they can be.  We followed the attachment directions in reverse to remove the old oven.  But little did we know that — there were NO bolts attaching the oven from the top (the supposed cabinet above).  In lieu someone at the Holiday Rambler factory had decided to put some sheet metal screws through the side of the oven into the  wooden side pieces.  As we were pulling the oven out of the opening we were hung up on something but had a hard time figuring out just what the problem was.  I think our alternate safety attachments will be just as efficient and easier to find if this oven ever needs to come out of the coach!

While Mike was with us we looked carefully at the refrigerator installation.  We’re sticking with the smaller (10.7 cu ft Whirlpool) and I’ll place the order Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “We’re (Micro) Waved

    • Jim,

      I wish I knew!

      At the moment we have no idea. Some thoughts floating around but nothing has been discussed that has any certainty of happening.

      For one thing we aren’t sure when we’ll be able to leave. I have another appointment on Friday with a different specialist for a common male problem. If he recommends the common solution (medication) that will throw a monkey wrench into the cardiologists program to reprogram my ticker. While in S. Texas last winter I picked up a supply of the medication in question and only took it for a few days — the impact on my BP was so significant that I realized the professionals need to figure out which of my current meds to change/reduce. And now with the cardiologist adding another med to the formula the difficulty is compounded. Hence the uncertainty about how long it will take to titrate and adjust. I saw the cardiologist before either of the other two doctors and that might not have been the best choice. Perhaps I should have seen him last of the three and gone from there — but it’s too late now. I adjusted my appointments to meet his schedule and it is what it is.

      We have considered and are considering several possibilities. I’ll talk about them in one blog entry, but basically we’ll be some place between SC and AZ within a hundred or two hundred miles of the coast. The preferred solution would have been Corps campgrounds in MID Texas — but our top preferences were severely damaged by last spring’s floods and at least one of them isn’t even open to the public until after the damage is repaired (possibly not till ’17). And I had not been doing research because I thought we had our plan in place. We’ll have to see what things look like as we go forward.

      > >

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