Old Diary

In with the new, out with the old

Just because I’m sitting around waiting for my body to adjust to new meds doesn’t mean I’m idle.  Being back home is a good opportunity to do some upgrading and downloading!  The WiFi here is pretty decent and I have already downloaded all my system and program updates.  That’s an annoying problem on the road when you live with limited access to the InterWebs!

Time_Capsule_Front_Backapple-time-capsule-2This year I  decided it was also time to replace my two Apple Time Machines.  I’ve had them since 2009 or 2010 and because they run most all the time except when we’re in motion it’s time to get rid of them. I’ve been getting overheating warnings for some time and what good is a backup device when the backup device itself fails?

the redesigned Mac Pro

The newly re-designed MacPro provided the template for the new Airport Time Capsules

The Time Capsule that I use went through 4 generations  of development and they have been virtually trouble free.  I added a second machine while I had my studio because with all the masonry walls the first one wasn’t able to pass a signal all the way to the studio.  I find that I like the added storage of a second unit so even when we moved out of the studio I have kept them both operating and that’s been a good thing.

The 5th generation saw a change in name, now they are called Airport-time-capsule


rear view of the time capsule

Airport Time Capsules and the shape has changed.  Seeking to look more like the new MacPro, the new devices are tall and slender.  The low flat look was nice — they were the same size as the Mac Mini and you could stack them on top of each other.  They built up quite a bit of heat if you did that and the corner where I have been keeping mine wasn’t the best placefor circulation. Also — in the corner as I had them they were hard to access  on the few occasions where I needed access to the wiringairport time capsule mount.   The new models also allow for greater storage.  I should not be running out of disk space for a while!  Unfortunately, the new design also means that the new units don’t fit in the space formerly designated for them.  So, I’m thinking through the running of wires and where to relocate what needs relocating.  All things come in time…..

So, even though we aren’t “doing” much, I’m still plugging away at projects. 🙂  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.



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