Old Diary

Finishing the DISH Install

I started the Dish Install yesterday and ran amok in mid-install.  Nothing actually wrong with the hardware or my intelligence — I just got called away in mid-install.2015090710173306 And because of that I thought there might have been a hardware problem.

When I got back to it today I realized a  lesson-learned that I want to share. It’s all about the Smart Card in your brand new DISH receiver.  Our receiver is the 211Z — the one that replaced the old 211K that we have been using for three years.


I blurred out the numbers so no one can hack our account. Sorry… 😇

In the first place the installation procedure is new — aren’t they always! In the second place it’s easier if everything is copisetic but that’s not always the case and it wasn’t the case in our situation.

If you check the System Info page (addressable from the front panel of the receiver) you’ll notice several lines of serial numbers:

  • Receiver CA
  • Smart Card
  • Software Version
  • Boot Strap Version
  • Location ID

None of these are customer changeable (at least not that I know).  In order to change our account from the old receiver to the new receiver (we don’t want to pay for service to two receivers) we had to call DISH and repeat the installation procedure.  And you NEED the first two numbers to relate to the DISH employee when you make your phone call.  The numbers are printed on the bottom of the receiver and on the plastic bag in which the receiver arrived.

I rattled off the numbers to the phone answerer. Then I looked up at the System ID screen and realized that the SMART CARD number read S000-0000-0000 instead of the number I gave the employee.  Hmmmm.

I got up and looked at the card.  The card didn’t seem to be seated all the way into the slot — so I pushed it the rest of the way until it was seated.

Guess what?

The System ID went away and I couldn’t get any response from the receiver and there was no feed to the TV which gives you the prompts for installation.

Long story short. (trial and error)

  • The receiver had to be disconnected from power
  • The Smart Card removed from the reciever
  • Plug the receiver back into 120VAC
  • The Smart Card reinstalled into the receiver (further than it had been, but not so far as to bottom out at the end of the slot)
  • Eventually the machine reads the new card, reads the receiver number realizes that it hasn’t been installed and does most of the process on it’s own from there on.  Whew!

It’s odd that the card slot is oversized in that way, but it’s a friction fit and the card doesn’t need to be withdrawn once it’s initialized so I guess there’s no worry about it coming loose.   Still and all, I suppose the box got bumped around in shipping and the Smart Card un-aligned itself.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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