Walk and Talk

The Saturday of a bank holiday weekend always seems an odd sort of day to me, neither this nor that.  Not a holiday, not a work day, you know you have that extra day ahead of you and you aren’t quite sure what you’re going to do or why.  At least that’s the way they always seem to me, this Saturday included.

Good Intentions

2015090510244201I awoke with good intentions that gradually ran — delightfully — amok.  And still I managed to accomplished some of them! My son in law says “that in order to straighten UP a mess you have to MAKE a mess” — and I think that’s gospel!

Make a mess I did! Replacing the DISH receiver was the start;  a job I didn’t finish, but I did lay the groundwork. And then as with many good intentions I was lead astray by the forces of Evil — well, maybe not ‘evil’ — just our daughter!  And when we are fortunate enough to be in Milwaukee and she’s available I gladly put aside almost any projects to spend time together.  As we did today.

Gone Awry


You couldn’t ask for a clearer day by the time we reached the lake — having started with deep fog, the sun burned off the fog and we were all the better for it.

When we returned to Milwaukee in March we never made it over to the lakefront.  Today’s walk along the shoreline was particularly wonderful.  Peggy stood there just taking deep breaths.  The Great Lakes are so much different from other bodies of water.  As majestic as the ocean is, I think I’m still a Great Lakes boy at heart .


The girls walking ahead.

I didn’t get the whole job done— as you’ll hear we got sidetracked by our daughter — but I have plenty of time and with the front of the coach all turned upside down I know I’ll get pressure to finish what I started.

I discovered an assortment of wires that were no longer being used.  There were also cables that were being used but had defective connectors. The other evening I tried to adjust the antenna and everything blanked out — the loose connector I found today explained why.  We made a trip to Home Depot for a variety of supplies and the project will continue tomorrow.


I don’t want a boat, but I have always enjoyed the sight of them, their lore and intrigue.


While the Traveler Antenna sits on the roof….


This small control module (about 6” x 6” x 2”) decides where to POINT the dish is up to this controller. It only demands power to find satellites and to stow the antenna when you move. Arranging a cut-off switch to reduce power consumption is a decent idea.

I managed to get the Traveler Antenna controller moved from one side of the coach to the other; plenty of cabling and more room on that side so that there will be less heat in the driver’s side cabinet.  For that I’m glad.

And I twigged why the RV Park cable that we have several times tried to connect to hasn’t worked…  another bad cable connector.  That too has been sorted and repaired.


The only time this cabinet door is open is when I change the signal source to the TV, and now when we put the satellite up and stow it away.

With a little luck I’ll get the rest of the cables connected, make good use of some wire ties to neaten up the appearance a little further.

Cold Again

In the ongoing drama of Norcold, today the refrigerator has been cooling again since I changed out the old thermistor with the replacement.  I cut the old wire and used the length of the original thermistor wiring to get the part over to the right location on the evaporator vanes.  ???? your guess is as good as mine.

Well, that’s enough for today.  Talk with you tomorrow.


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