Fixin’ to Move Again

August is Kaput!  Finished.  Expired.  September 1 we move on down the road towards Milwaukee for our Annual physicals.  The 300+ mile trip is more than we choose to do in one day — so we’ll stop off at Buckhorn State Park for two nights on the way.

At that park we will be near a couple we met last Winter at Los Fresnos. It would be nice if we could make contact with them but their email is undeliverable; I’ll try a phone call when we arrive. I’m hoping there’s nothing wrong.  They both had their health issues.  Fingers crossed.

I can’t believe how little we explored within Interstate Park this time around.  It’s funny that sometimes we go exploring the local area, other times we explore the campground itself, and occasionally we just veg out.  Our last visit here we walked most all of the trails.  This time we haven’t done any but saw a lot of rural Wisconsin (and ate our share of great PIE).

Our month in Milwaukee will be spent at the Wisconsin State Fair RV Park.  And for a change we’ll have a full hookup.  One of my projects will be to try getting our tank sensors cleaned.  Fill the tanks, add some Calgon water softener and Pinesol, let sit, and drain.  Then repeat, once, twice, as often as necessary to get whatever is hung up on the sensors to release and flush down the drain!  I know it’s not the kind of thing to dwell on but just because we RV does not mean we don’t have chores to be done!

We are also looking forward to a couple days spent in SE Wisconsin looking at a couple campgrounds that might be possible summer-long future stays.  We’ll have to see how that all works out.


An Abstract of Leaves. Last time we were here at the end of September and the Fall Colors were wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’ll talk with you tomorrow.


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