Young’uns and Oldsters

Monday proved to be a very nice day!  With an overnight low of 50º it felt wonderful to turn on the space heater for a few minutes before breakfast.  But it was to be a busy and full day!

Unable to reach anyone at the Rogers MN Camping World — we tried time and time again and the phone just rang and rang.  As long as we had arranged to have dinner with our Grand-kid and her Boyfriend we figured we might as well check to see if we could get a DISH receiver from Camping World — they were having a sale price that was quite attractive.  Unfortunately, our on spec visit proved to be a waste of time and gas.  Not only were they out of stock but I got a particularly surly answer to my face to face inquiry.  I surely do not know how this Camping World can keep it’s doors open.  There were five units lined up outside awaiting service and hardly anyone was working on anything inside; most of the service bays being EMPTY when we arrived and when we left.  Curious, that.

2015082414285412 With our grand-kid moving into a new apartment and needing a dining table we took a little time to check out the IKEA store (again) in hopes that there might be a suitable table for them — It turns out we failed on that account as well.  But it might be that they would prefer a different style than those IKEA had available — but it was a good opportunity to snoop. and we found a love seat that might have been usable for us — but we took down the measurements — and on arriving home realized that it’s a bit too high.  I would have had to move my recliner into the bedroom where the barrel chair sits now — and it does need replacing at some point — but not (it appears) now.

With IKEA being right across the street from Mall of America we made the rounds though IKEA and then took a couple rounds around the big mall and by the time we were done out dogs were barking and our legs were ready to call it a day.

Black Forest Innblack-forest-inn dining roomNot to be defeated by a little shopping mall, we still took care of a couple other errands around town before meeting the young’uns at a place near their new digs called the Black Forest Inn.  This German restaurant has been around since 1965 and while the decor could use a little sprucing up the food was wonderful, too filling, and a great foil for good conversation.

2015082419444216It’s always nice to see Melanie and her still kind of new-ish beau Drew when Kathryn is around.  But it’s also nice to have a chance to get together just with the young ones and see how they get on together, to see their affection for each other and to have some part of their lives just them and us.

By the time we broke up the the night it was a darkening drive home to the park.  About the latest we’ve been ‘out’ for quite a while!  But as you can see from the feature image — the sunset was glorious!

Thanks for stopping by.  I look forward to talking to you again tomorrow.

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